After the less-than-uplifting long runs I’ve had in the last few weeks, I decided that this week I was going to run my long run in a steady slower pace.  I started thinking that maybe I’m just tiring myself out, and a slower pace might get me back on track.  Coincidentally, the Dave’s Running Marathon In Training group needed a sub coach for the 1:56 half marathon finish time pace group – which would be a 9:50 – 10:00 minute mile for their long run.  Perfect, I’d do it!  I had to swap up my running schedule this week due to my work schedule, so this would work out great.

Just some of a whole bunch of runners waiting hit the trails for the morning run!  🙂 The Dave’s MIT program is growing every season, and this is their biggest group yet.


I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous going into the run because I was joining a group of about 30 people who have been running together for 8 weeks now.  As you probably know, you get to forge some great friendships with your running mates!  I really didn’t know how I’d fit in.


Luckily, they were all really nice people (of course!) and I easily joined in some conversations about wedding planning (dress bought of Etsy!), charcoal powder tooth whitening (I’d never heard of this, and she told me it worked.  I totally need to check this out!), and skiing (me too, I ski!).

Here’s my funny for the post… pretty much everyone looks the same with hats and winter clothes on.  I recognized a few of our group with Coach John getting together for a picture so I hopped in to join them!  Turns out this was the “full marathon” group that was going out for more miles.  ha!!!  Oh well, I tried.


I also met one of this year’s Glass City Ambassadors, Victoria.  Small world!  We ran together and chatted for quite a bit.  Overall pace for this run, 9:55.  Right on!


Despite my initial concern, I made it through my run with pretty consist paces… but by the end of those 9 miles, I was very ready to be done.  I was sore.  Very sore!  Glutes, high hamstrings, mid hamstrings… you name it, it was aching!

Smiles at the end… but not for long.


By dinner time I was in dire need of some pain relief.  I took some Aleve and did my PT exercises.  Although I felt quite sore, they made me feel a little better.  I even sat on some ice packs in hopes of some more relief.    Ugh.  I felt like I had run a marathon!  Why the heck does my body continue to reject my running??

I started having debates in my head… should I just drop the half marathon and run only my relay leg at Glass City (6.6 miles)??  Would I feel better if I took a few weeks off?  Would I be better off if I ran more days, but much shorter distances??  I considered everything!

Sunday morning I woke up, and guess what?  I was feeling much, much better!  What the &%$#% heck??  I went from being crippled on Saturday to this?  I decided to run 4 slow miles on my treadmill and those slow miles made me feel better.  A good recovery run.

I’m still not sure what the right formula is for me, and what is going to make me overcome this hamstring pain for good.  I know distance and speed are triggers, so that’s something.  But I guess I’ll keep on running.  For this week anyways.  Who knows if I’ll change my mind again next week!! 🙂


Q:  Have you ever tried teeth whitening with charcoal powder??

I wonder if it’s safe, and not super abrasive.  Professional dentists please give me some feedback! 🙂

Q:  Would you rather be able to run every day, very short distances or run only twice a week,  but longer distances?

It’s a hard question, isn’t it?? 



8 thoughts on “An experiment, and a fail”
  1. I feel this way all the time. I know I’m logging decent mileage, what some might call high mileage (it’s not high mileage, but it is high for someone who is dealing with an injury)… but I feel like this too… like NSAIDs and ice packs are the only thing letting me even get out there for slow for me miles.

    I’m glad you had a good long run… it’s good that you ran with a new group and fit in. I feel like the pace of a long run doesn’t always matter, as long as you’re getting in other workouts you can run it a little slower than your targeted pace and be okay. Honestly sometimes I feel like running slower can make us sore in new places because it uses slightly different muscles and mechanics, so that might be aside from your current issues. I tried Aleve for awhile and it helped but screwed up my tummy- I now use Meloxicam when I have pain but try not to take it. Have also started taking magnesium and using magnesium oil some and that seems to help a little.
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: February 19-25My Profile

    1. I have really tried to avoid taking anything for pain, thinking that my level was not bad enough, but that combo of ice and pill seemed to have some positive result, so I will not shy away from it! However, sitting on an ice pack is really not very enjoyable, so I hope it won’t have to be an every day occurrence!

    1. I’ve been glute strengthening exercises (clamshells, bridges) and hamstring exercises (different bridges, modified squats, deadlifts). You’d think I have the strongest hamstrings in town by now!
      I’m glad I started talking because the first person I was running next to had headphones in – but I just said something and it turned out the headphones weren’t turned on!

  2. My right hamstring has been bothering me since my marathon and it is so frustrating because time off didn’t seem to help and running doesn’t seem to actually make it worse…I just want to feel 100% good during my runs.

    It has only been a short time of dealing with this, so I can not imagine how you are feeling since your pain issue has been going on much longer than that.
    Heather [is probably running] recently posted…2018 Race CalendarMy Profile

    1. Oh no, I am sorry to hear that!!! I did take a few weeks off running after last April’s half marathon, and I had the same results… no better 🙁 I wonder if “rest” and “time off” really means a lot longer. Like months. I hope not. But then again, would I take off 6 mos (or more!) off running if I knew my problem would go away for good? yes!!
      I hope yours is a brief issue!

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