So let me set the stage here… my kids were wrestling/ninja fighting/kickboxing.  Kids are kids after all.  If you have a sibling you know what I’m talking about.  My brother used to “pretend” drown me in our pool.  But I digress.  The fighting is all good, until it goes bad.

It typically does end up going a little too far, so I’m usually not one to stop any fights immediately.  I usually just let them go on their own.  Eventually someone is going to go a little too far, and that give me an opportunity to wag my finger and say “I told you so!”.  That’s a Mom thing.  But then this happened…. wait for it…. (14 seconds in)

You see that jump?  Did you hear the audio?  Yep, that’s my vase breaking.  Ugh.

What you don’t see is Zach immediately picking up the pillows and straightening up the room.

And me raising my voice.  Yes, raising my voice quite loud and then the silent guilt treatment.

Why would have this caught on video?  We do have security cameras in our house because we like to know the kids are safe when we’re not home, and our house was broken into and robbed when we first built it, so yeah, it’s for “security”.  But it also catches some of this fun daily life stuff too!!  It’s a great tool when we have those “she hit me first!” situations.

Although I was super ticked off, and depressed when it first happened, seeing this video of the event brought a little bit of levity to the situation.  Clearly it wasn’t done maliciously.

Efforts were made, by me, to restore the vase to it’s former beauty.


You can barely it was broken.  Am I right??


The back side is even better.


I might just keep it that way for a while.  For posterity and a chuckle.

* by the way, I don’t promote my YouTube channel or create videos for it, but if you’d like to see what happened when my Dad went in for his knee surgery, you should check this out.  It’s gross, but totally *shocking*, in my opinion.  It’s a quick must see!! It’s at this LINK.  I’m not sure why my Dad’s Dr shared the video with him, but WOW.


Q:  As a kid, did you ever break anything (by mistake of course!) that was a big deal at the time?

I was playing 4 square with a friend and broke a window pane because we were playing too close to the house.  I think we both had to pay for some of it!!

Q:  Did you ever see the Brady Bunch episode where they broke a vase??

I know, that was a super duper long time ago – but it’s a classic!!!

Q:  What is your wonder tool – duct tape, super glue, or a hot glue gun (or other!)?

I am a whiz at repairs with a glue gun.  I didn’t use it on this job – maybe I should have!

6 thoughts on “So busted!! Caught in the act.”
    1. ha! I think there was just an angry “What did you do????” and then a lot of silence. I was so pissed off and couldn’t even find the words! I did like the vase a lot, but in terms of cost, it was a garage sale purchase. Now I have a goal to find a new treasure this summer!

  1. I love that vase and the crack on the front IS barely noticeable. I would keep it up until you find a replacement you like as much! 🙂

    “that give me an opportunity to wag my finger and say “I told you so!”. That’s a Mom thing.” This line made me actually laugh out loud! I love it! 😀 😀 😀
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    1. I think my mom phrase is “life lessons”. I always point out things like that and say it’s a life lesson – you need to figure out how to work it out on your own. Also life lessons – learning how to make your own toast, sandwich, cook, clean – all of that stuff. “Life lessons kids, you need to learn how to do this stuff!”

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