So this happened Tuesday morning.  Seemed innocent enough that my socks didn’t match, but it was more of a foreshadowing of what was in store for me that day.  Things just not working right.

They say bad things happen in three, right?  Let’s start with the good stuff.  I found a great deal on a pair of shoes on Ebay that morning.  Bad thing #1 – that afternoon I received an email regretting to inform me that the seller couldn’t find the shoes and was refunding my money.  What the what??  Oh man, that stinks.  That was a really good deal!

By 5:30pm, as I was getting dressed in my running gear, I got a message that track night had been cancelled.  What??  The track was closed?  Bad thing #2 for the day.   I spent the whole weekend debating if I was going to sub at the track, psyched myself out that I was going to do it, and now it got canceled last minute.  But worse, now I still had a 30 min tempo run I needed to do that day.  Ugh.  A night treadmill run it would be. Not my favorite time to run.

After my run, which pretty much sucked the life out of me, I opened up my laptop to do some work.

The screen started up, but then went black.  Not really “black”, but an empty dark blue/grey color which was still powered on, but there was nothing there.  Then the screen flickered back on again… and then black again.  I moved the screen on my MacBook around and it just went black for good.  I tried several times to restart it, and I could hear it starting up, but no display ever came back.  What the *^*&@#?!?!  OMG, bad thing #3.

But wait, it gets worse.  By now I’m thinking, this is probably just a display cable issue, and I can get that cable reconnected or replaced.  A repair bill, but no big deal.  But when Alan looked at it, he was unable to see any desktop when it was hooked up to a monitor.  Uh oh, this is not good news at all.

But… my laptop does get backed up, so there’s that.  I mean, we are IT people at my house and know it’s vital to back things up.  Alan tells me “yeah, funny thing about the backup…. I was having problems with it today and deleted the backups so I could do them all over again.  I was going to do your backup, but then realized your laptop wasn’t home – you had it at work.  So no, there’s no backup.”  OMG freaking God.  This is more like TERRIBLE THING #3.

You might as well have stabbed a knife through my heart at this point because I was so ticked off.  I couldn’t even talk, so I just told Alan I was going to bed.  End of discussion, goodnight.

I still don’t know what is wrong with my laptop, but am working on a solution.  Fingers crossed I can retrieve my stuff off the hard drive!  Remember that December Daily book I uploaded to Shutterfly the other day?  All of that was on my laptop.  If I hadn’t completed it, I would have lost ALL of that hard work.  I can’t even imagine.  Ugh. Btw, I’m not mad at Alan 🙂 just mad at the situation. Still love you Alan!


Q:  Have you ever lost a lot of data due to a computer crash/failure?

Q:  Do you back up regularly ??  Please tell me you do!!

Q: Do you own a Windows or Mac computer?

My technical expertise is in Windows, and I know very little about my Mac… other than it has always worked and I love it ❤️ so let’s all pray this is just something minor!!

10 thoughts on “Terrible Tuesday and the power of 3”
    1. I use WordPress and there’s a plug in for backup, but for Blogger it looks like you do it manually from the menu. Google that, do it! Losing that stuff would suck!

  1. Like I always tell you, the Synology NAS is where all critical files get stored. Mirrored drives and backed up by 2 different external drives (one stored off site). But never fear, the laptop is back alive and I’m doing a fresh backup to the Airport Time Capsule. 🙂

    But yeah, if I ever decided to wipe the Time Capsule in the future, I’ll temporarily copy the backups to the NAS first!

  2. I really hope you can recover your hard drive! Most of my stuff is backed up but I had a laptop crash in late 2015 and lost a ton, so I feel your pain. I lost a lot of pictures which was the hardest part :(. I hope you can have a glass of wine and a good run and that tomorrow is better.
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