Here we are – 8 more weeks until the Glass City half marathon!  This week was another iffy one.  Nothing great, and a bummer day too.  Due to the holiday last week, I switched up my workout schedule.  Long run on Saturday instead of Thursday.

Miles run last week = 26.1  (hey, I could have made that 26.2!)

Monday – 4.15 miles, 10:52 pace.  This was my XT or “easy run” day, so I talked the kids into joining me for a slow run of 45 mins.  A bit of walking breaks thrown in there to try and keep my HR down.  It was a bit misty, but not too cold, so it was a decent run.  I’m glad they joined me on their day off school!


Tuesday –  4 miles, easy on treadmill.

Wednesday –  Rest day!

Thursday – 5 miles.  I had to work today, so I did 5 treadmill miles instead.  Kept it easy, because I wanted to be rested up for a successful long run on Saturday.

Friday – Core work, and weights!  Yeah on weights!  Did upper body workout and I’m almost back to the weights I could use in the past.  I also changed up my watch face this week to keep track of the countdown until Glass City marathon.  Mostly because I have race course responsibilities – because by my performance this past week it’s pretty safe to say the race will just be a “fun run”, where “fun” might mean “painful”.  haha!!!


Saturday – 9 miles with Dave’s MIT group, 9:55 pace.  I posted about this last time, but here’s the scoop:  This is the 1:56 half marathon finish group, right where I’d like to be finishing in April.  I thought a slower pace would leave me feeling strong at the end of my run, but boy, I was wrong.  I got through the run fine, but had no interest in going any farther.  My body was rejecting that idea.  That evening I was so sore.  Felt like I had just run a marathon!  When I did my PT exercises they were hard, and I was sore, but it felt a bit better to work those muscles.  I eventually took Aleve, iced, and then questioned my future running plans.  Yes, it was that bad.  Haven’t felt this bad in a while. 🙁  


Sunday – 4 miles, 11:12 pace overall – I wasn’t sure if I was even going to walk on my treadmill, but when I got on the treadmill I was actually feeling pretty decent.  I was shocked.  I decided to go for a slow recovery run, and it felt good to move my legs.  I just kept the pace to the point I wouldn’t feel sore, which was around 10:45 for most of the run.  Started out slow.  Hmmm.  Quite perplexing.

Overall I haven’t really been increasing my miles or effort by much, if any, and my runs seem to be getting slower and more uncomfortable.  I’m thinking an extended running break will be necessary after Glass City.


Not much to see this week.  I hope you have something more exciting going on in your week!

Q:  Is it spring where you live?

I think we saw the last of the snow for this year, but heck, sometimes we get a surprise dusting in April!

Q:  If you were in charge of designing this year’s Boston marathon Celebration jacket, and it couldn’t be blue and yellow, what color would you make it?

I think a black with grey would be very utilitarian.  Sure it’s not flashy, but you’d get a lot of use out of it!

6 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – GCM half edition, 2/27/18”
  1. I’m glad you felt better after the long run. It stinks for running to have to be a day-by-day thing and to question plans and races and well, sometimes question why we’re still trying. You still had a pretty good week with four solid runs and you have some time before the race, so hopefully things improve with your pain/aches!
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: February 19-25My Profile

    1. Grey with blue would be a good option! I wonder if they made that color. Staring at that guy’s jacket during my long run (in picture above) made me think of that question!
      The hamstring pain (high hamstring tendinopathy) gets flared up by a few things, some of which I already avoid – hills, speedwork, stretching, over striding. However, I think recently the longer runs (anything over an hour) is bugging it, even if I’m running slower. So yeah, any form of commitment to a race pretty much irks it! Oh, and spin bikes. My poor spin bike has been so lonely since I bought it. 🙁 And lastly, skiing too.

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