My treadmill had a little rehab work done on it!  I wrote a post recently about my trusty Precor treadmill, so you may know it has a ton of miles on it.  More importantly, we’ve had it for a 10 1/2 years – a half a year outside of the original warranty on it.  Alan recently started having some issues with it randomly powering off.  He figured out that the belt was worn out, which was causing friction and a load on the system.

16,151 miles?  Time for some TLC!


With the unit out of warranty, AND our favorite treadmill repair guy out of the business now, Alan decided to take on the repair himself.  DIY style.  YouTube had several videos of how to do replace the belt, so he had great faith he could do the job.


We ordered the replacement belt directly from Precor, which was $320.  It is amazing how beautifully clean the new belt is!


With 16,151 miles on our treadmill it’s not surprising that we’ve had the belt replaced two times prior to this, as well as one of the rollers replaced.  That was all under warranty though.  10 years is a pretty awesome warranty!

It took him about 4 hours to take the treadmill apart, clean it up, and reassemble it.


Parts all ready to go!

IMG_4557004 Almost back together again!

IMG_4564006I’ve run on it several times, and it looks perfect to me!  We look forward to getting up to 20,000 miles on this baby.  Even so, I’d say we already got our money’s worth out of it 😉


Q:  Are you a handy repair person?

Q: Do you enjoy cooking or baking more?

Cooking for me – although I can’t make a sauce!  I need to YouTube that. 

Q: Did you have a good weekend?

We saw Peter Rabbit today. It was quite funny! Two thumbs up from everyone in the family 🙂

5 thoughts on “Treadmill Rehab”
  1. That’s a whole lotta miles! It looks so pretty now that it’s all fixed up with the new belt. If we ever buy a treadmill, I’ll have to look in to that brand. I like to cook but I’m not usually that great at following recipes!
    Sara recently posted…GCM Training: Week 4My Profile

    1. I had to make a recipe that called for making a sauce on Sunday night – that’s why it was on my mind! I’d love to be able to make things like homemade mac & cheese, but I just seem to get sauces correct!
      We never realized how worn out the belt looked until the new one was next to it! It’s super solid. I highly recommend Precors!

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