One of the key tune up races for the Glass City Marathon is the Great Black Swamp 25K and 15K races.  Most years it’s either windy, or snowy, but this year we lucked out.  Maybe because it was on St. Patrick’s Day??  It was around 30 degrees, which felt pretty good once we got moving.


I met up with my friends from Moms Run This Town and as we huddled together for the picture my friend asked “are you cold?” because I was shivering!  We had a really great turnout.  Loved seeing all my running friends!


The Run Toledo Ambassador crew got together for a picture too.   Another big group of friends!


Finally, it was race time.  This race worked into our schedule really well because Zach was working a water stop (he needed school service hours pronto!) and Sydney was at Track practice which was at the same location as the race!  Couldn’t have planned a better situation.

Overall I told myself that this was just a training run.  But of course when I looked at my pace at mile 1 and saw 8:56, I started thinking that I’d be really happy if I kept my time just under 9:00.  That would be an ideal race pace for Glass City half, so this would be a good test.  By mile 2 I had a side stitch.  Ugh!!!! Soon it was mile 3 and I got water from Zach.  So great to see him (and walk a few steps through the water stop, which also cured my side stitch.  haha!).

My pace kept up until around mile 6 when I saw more friends, the Nerd Herd, manning the water stop.  I grabbed a Honey Stinger and chomped it down.   So happy to see friends again!


My pace slipped a little to 9:12 for a few miles.  Still, feeling pretty decent, just slowing down a bit.  This was my last race in my 40’s so I figured I would not be placing in my age group anyways, no need to be hurting myself and trying to do anything stupid!  Yep, when I run Glass City I’m going to be 50 years old.  YIKES.

As I hit mile 9 I looked at my watch and it just looked back at me…. and then it died!  Not too surprising because I forgot to charge it last night.  Oops.  You can tell I was really excited about this race because I didn’t even set any race clothes out or charge my watch.  Meh.

Crossed the finish in 1:25, which was around a 9:04 overall pace, since the distance was actually 9.52 (at least that’s what everyone else reported!).  I was happy with the pace, even though it was slower than last year.  I got 5th in my age group out of 35 women.  A solid last race of my 40s I think 🙂   I ran the race, got the frog medal, AND the cool finishers hat!


Then I ate pizza, a cookie, and eventually took an hour nap when I got home.  Running is tiring!


Q:  If you were a race director, what would you give as a finishers award?

Hats are a pretty great option.  A Buff would be very handy too!

Q: Do you usually wear your race bib on your shirt or your pants/bottoms?

In the cold weather I usually put it on my leg so I can take off a layer on top when I get warm.

4 thoughts on “Great Black Swamp 15K recap – 2018”
  1. If I was a race director I’d give out bottle openers! Hats are nice as well. Have too many shirts as it is, so would rather get anything else.

  2. Nice race! You and your friends look so festive. Last race in your 40s!? When is the big day? How many service hours to they require your students to earn? I think our district does that. I love the idea. I didn’t volunteer growing up but I wish I had.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekly Workouts!My Profile

    1. April 20th! Yes, 420. Ha! They are required to have at least 2 service hours per quarter. Our kids usually just help out at the races but there are lots of opportunities the school suggests. It is a great idea!

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