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If I were graphing my ups and downs, this was another UP week in training.  I’m loving the positive trend I’ve been having lately.

  • Miles run: 24.3  (random amount and I didn’t even care!)
  • Training for:  Glass City half marathon, 4/22/18

Monday – 4.75 miles, 10:25 avg pace – My plan said “XT or easy run” so I just did an easy run on my treadmill.  Gotta catch up on my “The Royals” watching because a new season just began!! I started out with a pace around 11:05 and bumped it every half mile.  Ended around 9:30. This run actually had a ZERO pain rating. Yep, no pain/tightness. Starting nice and slow worked out very nicely.

Tuesday – 5 miles, 9:44 pace.  Phew, daylight savings time is catching up to me I think.  I just laid in bed when my alarm went off, and almost didn’t get up.  My legs felt like lead, but after a few miles I was cruising along and I kept bumping the speed faster.  I like to run that way! I started out slow, and am happy to report there was NO pain on this run! Yippie!

Wednesday – Rest day!  I really needed this. Although I did get pretty tired working at the packet pickup for the Blarney Shuffle in the evening.  My throat was tired from doing all of the talking to people! A very fun crowd for this event.  Most people were picking up bibs for a whole group of friends, 4 or 5 people.  I even put my green hair on 🙂


Thursday – 5 miles, 9:08 pace.  I actually ran outside!  I went at noon and didn’t die, or have stomach issues (afternoon runs are not my friend).  It was a banner running day!  


Friday – Rest day!  Alan and I spent the afternoon marking the mile markers for the Glass City Marathon race course.  A few mile markers were very hard to find!


Fresh paint!!


Saturday – 15K race day!  9.5 miles @ 9:04 pace. Sadly my watch died right when I hit 9 miles (oops, I didn’t charge it the night before!).  This ended up being a pretty good run despite my initial fear that I was going to go down in flames.  It was as very shamrocky race day!  I’ll tell you more about the race later this week (unless you happen to have read the post I accidentally posted this morning… and then unpublished!  oops!)


Sunday – Rest day!  I was feeling pretty good after yesterday’s race.  Not completely void of soreness/pain, but not much at all.


Q:  Did you celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

Nope, I did not.  We did get a growler refill (beer) at Granite City Brewery, but that’s just because they were having a special price on refills!

Q:  Do you have a bracket for March Madness?

My bracket is still holding up!  Go Kansas!!

Q:  Have you played the lottery lately?

We almost never do… but they did have a huge PowerBall drawing on Saturday, so we thought we might just get the luck of the Irish.  We didn’t match 1 number on either of the tickets we bought!!!  DOH.


4 thoughts on “Training Tues – 3/20/18 Glass City half”
    1. Watching sports really isn’t a thing in our family, but we do love a competition so getting a family bracket game has been fun!
      Track practice has started for both of my kids, but it will be 3 weeks still until we have our first meet. So cold here!!

  1. I’m not into college sports but I did see that the Golden Retrievers were doing well at first (are they still? I’m not sure) and I thought that was cute :).

    I didn’t do anything for St. Patty’s Day. I’m not a fan of beer at all, but I wish I had been able to run a 5K or some kind of themed race. Maybe next year!
    Kristina recently posted…The Last StrawMy Profile

    1. I had to Google that so see what you’re talking about… you can tell I’m SUPER into my bracket! haha! Yes, that team did crazy great, but then lost the next game. Broke a lot of brackets!!

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