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  • Training for:  Glass City half marathon, April 22nd
  • Miles this past week:  30.2

With only 4 weeks remaining now until the Glass City half marathon, training has taken a positive turn once again this past week.  It had some great highlights, and it was my top mileage week this year:  30.2 miles!!  Woot!

Monday – 5o mins easy, 4.8 miles 10:25 pace.  This was an easy run on the treadmill.  Always a great way to start the week!

Tuesday – 50 min tempo run, 5.3 miles.  Treadmill run.  I did a small warm up, and cool down, and then did a few miles at 8:49 and some at 8:23 pace.  Although it was very tiring, I felt very accomplished by this workout.  🙂   In the evening I did some weights… (yeah muscles!)


and core work… (phew!!!)


so we could go enjoy Taco Tuesday!!  yum!


Wednesday – Rest day!  Surprise, the snow is back!… just for the morning.


Thursday – 5 miles, 9:03 pace.  The beautiful sunny weather really boosted my energy.  This run was pretty darn awesome.  I wasn’t feeling all the speed in the world, but I did have a mostly *pain free* run, so that’s a huge win in my book!  However, I guess Garmin thought I really overdid it!  60 hours??


I even did a “happy post run” jump!  It’s been far too long since I’ve felt this good about a run.


Friday – Rest day!

Saturday – Long run, 10 miles @ 10:27 pace.  I filled in as a coach for the Dave’s MIT group run.  I was looking forward to this run because:

  1. We got to run on part of the Glass City marathon course (beautiful, huge mansions along this part of the route!)
  2. They were having Soupapaloza!

There was a soup cook off and some super delicious entries.  The perfect post run food.



I did a slightly poor job of keeping pace near the end of this run because I got to chatting with my friend Sara as we were running – but I did not pass her, so technically I was not pacing her at that point, but I was doing a bad job of slowing her down!  The targeted long run pace was 10:30 – 10:40, so it crept up just a little.  My bad.


Sunday – 5 miles, 9:21 pace.  I was only going to run maybe 2 miles, because I had a new pair of Athleta tights I wanted to try out, but once I got out there I figured I might as well run farther so I could have a rest day on Monday! (spoiler alert, I didn’t take one) My new tights were advertised as being “warm”, but for some reason I was *freezing* in them!  It was 23 degrees – just a few degrees colder than Saturday.  It took me several hours and a hot shower to finally warm back up.  I was having an episode of painful hands (Raynauds?) so bad it pained me to pour a cup of iced coffee!  Yuck!


****  How was your week?   *****

Q:  Do you have issues with circulation in your hands after being in the cold?

It doesn’t bother me all of the time, but when it does… ouch!

Q:  Do you ever base your rest time on a Garmin “recovery time”?

Q:  Do you have favorite soup recipe?

Someone brought potato soup.  I’m huge fan of that!!


6 thoughts on “Training Tues – 3/27/18 Glass City half”
    1. Thanks! Maybe that’s what it was – it was a little winder out, but not bad. Or maybe because I wore my jacket the previous day. I need to get better at figuring out my outdoor outfits. I’m get spoiled with my treadmill 🙂

  1. I’d never listen to my Garmin on race predictions or recovery time! I think it depends on how much you wear the watch and you treadmill a lot so none of that is even taken into account. I think 60 hours is a little much to recover from anything except maybe a 10K or longer race. Even with a 5K race, I am good to run the next day and usually did long runs the next day *shrugs*. 10K or half I might take a full rest day.

    Great job getting the runs in despite the snow! I bet the soup tasted REALLY good on a cold day after that 10 mile run. Congrats on your highest weekly mileage in a long time. Do you find the treadmill doesn’t cause as much pain as pavement running, because that’s kind of how I am feeling lately?
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Weekly Rundown: March 19-25My Profile

    1. I think the treadmill running feels a bit more pain free just because I can run slower on it. Or my treadmill needs to be calibrated, but the paces are always so much slower on it.

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