April is almost over, and I gotta say, it has been a freaking busy month for me!  I’ve got a lot of big projects/events/happenings going on in April, and I’m happy to see May just around the corner!

I used to think September was crazy busy with soccer for just one kid, but with both of my kids in Track it’s been non-stop Track events all week long.  If it’s not a HS meet, it’s a JR high meet. I really miss cross country because track meets take FOREVER. Sure, I don’t have to volunteer to help out at the meets and stay the whole time, but I think it’s a great way to see everything that’s happening, and help the team.


Although I did secretly hope they would cancel the meet this past week when it was rainy and cold.  Ok, I wished it out loud. Still, those kids were freezing waiting for their events so I guess I couldn’t complain too much.  I had an umbrella!


I did accomplish the task of replacing a server for my customer, which was a huge task hanging over my head.  So glad to get that out of the way!  And I had a birthday in the middle of the month.


Of course the biggie was the Glass City marathon, which took up a bit of time in volunteering duties, but ended up pretty awesome.  It was time well spent.  The final duty was taking down the banners we had put up.  Glad it wasn’t raining that day!


Moving on to May, it’s time for the annual neighborhood garage sale, which I not only participate in, but also organize.  That’s a huge amount of time getting stuff ready – finding my piles of “garage sale stuff” in the basement, but it’s a good opportunity to declutter.  Most of all, I enjoy shopping my neighbor’s sales for treasures!!


And four months into my new job arrangement, I sometimes feel like working at home is even more “work” because I spend my evenings or weekends with my face in my laptop!  I wonder if my kids think I’m just watching YouTube videos or something 🙂

At least the weather is finally breaking and it’s time to get the yard in shape.  I’m going to allocate that work to Alan. He’s got a lot of free time now that he’s recovering from running Boston!!  (another blog post still on my list to write!)


Q:  Does your job or personal life cause you to be busy any certain months of the year?

Q:  Have you ever had a garage sale?


4 thoughts on “Busy April”
  1. You’re one busy lady. If I ever have kids, I’ll probably be the same way- volunteering at everything, organizing races or serving on committees, and probably doing neighborhood stuff as well. I hope you can get some R&R soon, I mean you have a race that you RAN and need to recover from as well!

    I am with you on track meets. One other thing is that meets almost always run behind, especially with hurdles events because there has to be a good hurdle crew to do the moving. XC is way easier, no heats then finals and events back to back for the kids.

    1. We always giggle when the announcer says at our home meets – “Hurdle crew needed on the track. If you are part of the team, you are part of the hurdle crew!” This is pretty much our last week of track meets, and the weather if looking nice this week, so I won’t be complaining!

  2. Sydney looks so much like you and Zach (I’m sorry I can’t remember if it’s with an H or a K!) looks so much like Alan!

    I’m too lazy to do garage sales so I just take things to Good Will. After I drive around with it in my trunk for 4 months, that is!

    April was a SUPER busy month for me at work due to PSSAs (our state testing) and my chorus concerts! Now that it’s almost may and the kids only have 20 days of school left, it’s going to be smooth sailing into summer… I hope. 🙂
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Driving on the PA Turnpike is Dangerous!My Profile

    1. I would think that people with kids would have a need to always get rid of something, but otherwise, maybe not so much? I’m finally getting to the point where I don’t have a lot of kids stuff, and am getting around to cleaning up a bit. I did decide that nothing is coming back into my basement though – it’s going to the GoodWill too!
      The kids have had “block schedules” for their state testing recently. So they get “stuck” with math classes for 2 hours, or some other class. Of course they love it when it’s 2 hrs of “shop” or art 🙂
      Either way is fine… I some times write Zack, or Zach. We used to spell it Zack, but then he liked it better with an “H”. Go figure 😉

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