Sydney just got her braces on, and I gotta say, I’m jealous!  Jealous of the sweet new toothbrush she got that is. Take a look at this thing!


I switched over to an electric toothbrush several years ago after I had gum surgery.  This is my side of the story, but I had receding gum lines – which I swear was related to my poor brushing habits while I had my braces.  I used to scrub my teeth when I had my braces on as a kid. Or maybe that’s how I got the indentations that needed to be filled… I don’t remember exactly, but either way, I was told to get an electric toothbrush and that would help me curb my heavy handed brushing habits.  I think it did. I love my electric toothbrush!

Sydney’s toothbrush takes brushing way beyond the capabilities of mine though.  First of all, a very helpful feature is that it lights up RED if she is applying too much pressure.  Super helpful! Her brother could use that because his toothbrushes are always annihilated and I warn him, “you’d better stop brushing so hard unless you want to have painful gum surgery like I did!!!”.  

But the most interesting feature of this toothbrush is it’s connectivity.  It’s Bluetooth! She’s got an app on her phone which shows her the targeted areas she needs to brush, and then when she has brushed the area the correct amount of time, the app will show the next area to brush.


Don’t worry, we don’t always join her for tooth brushing time… we were just all excited to see how it worked!


The app also has features like filters (think Snapchat!) and fun games you can play while brushing.  Yep, “fun games”!


This has really been a brilliant product so far.  You would not believe how excited Sydney was to get her new toothbrush and use it (it was provided to us as part of the orthodontic treatment).  Not sure if she was more excited to get the toothbrush or the braces! Oh, and the ortho office also has a freezer full of ice cream treats to choose from at the end of your appointment.  yum. yum. yum. I only got a pack of wax when I left my ortho appointments. Braces sure have improved since my day!!


Q:  Do you use an electric toothbrush?

Q:  Have you ever used one a waterpik?

I haven’t, but I just wondered if they were messy to use! 🙂

Q: Do you wear a retainer or any other type of mouth guard when you sleep?

I have a night guard for teeth grinding.  I’m so used to it, I can’t sleep without it in!


4 thoughts on “Electric toothbrush of your dreams”
    1. Invisalign looks pretty cool! The did give my daughter options if she wanted silver or clear braces – but I don’t think Invisalign was a choice. They did them there, but wouldn’t work for her situation. I’m glad this toothbrush makes teeth cleaning so easy!

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