It’s race week!!  This will be my last training update for the 2018 Owens Corning Glass City half marathon.  Sunday is the big day!

training tuesday3

  • Miles run: 26.6 miles
  • Race day:  Sunday, April 22nd!

I’m surprised I got that many miles in this week.  Here’s what went down…

4/9 – 6 miles, 10:00 pace – Easy treadmill miles.


4/10 – 6.6 miles, tempo run.  I ran 4 miles at a tempo pace of 8:35.  I was happy to make it through this one with not a lot of issues.  Progress!  The kids had a home Track meet, and Alan and I were timers.   It was really cold standing around for hours at the track!!


4/11 – Rest day!  Another home track meet, another evening of volunteering as timers!


4/12 – Long run, 10 miles @ 9:44 pace.  We had a freak spike in temperature this day and it was 74 degrees when I ran outside.  In the afternoon.  In a “hilly” park.  Those are three strikes against this run.  My morning runs agree with me much more than anything past noon!  This was a complete struggle and I’m surprised I didn’t stop at mile 3.  A ran in a park that I usually don’t go to, and I felt like I was running around in circles.  Yuck.  But I was determined to get it done, so I did!

I have no idea why I even try wearing headbands.  It’s just not my thing!


4/13 – Rest day!  And back to normal Ohio early spring temps!  I did get a lot of walking this day – marking the Glass City race course!  I need to write a post about this soon!


4/14 – 60 mins XT, treadmill walking . aka – The Bachelor Winter Games.  I gave up on my DVR’d Bachelor, and decided to watch this Olympic themed show instead.  So many hours of the Bachelor.  Too many hours really!

Also that morning my kids joined me for my strength training.  We did an arm workout.


Then I did my PT exercises.  I’ve advanced to a jump squat!  !!  Can you tell I used to take ballet??


And check this out.  I paid $3.50 on clearance for this top at Old Navy.  Deal!!


4/15 – 4 miles, again on treadmill.

Even though my long run was a bit dreadful this week, I still have a positive attitude that I’ll for sure have a “good time” at Glass City, even if I don’t have a good time (my pace!).

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  More details later this week about my course mapping job and how we are getting ready for the race around here!


Q:  Girls, do you wear headbands?

Most people look really awesome in them, but not me.  They pop off my head and give me a headache.  Issues!!

Q:  Did anyone watch the Bachelor Winter Games?

I still don’t understand how they can drag those shows out to 2 hours every week!

Q: Have you ever been a timer at a track meet, or any other position?

I had forgotten how long track meets are!  Makes me miss cross country 🙂

8 thoughts on “Training Tues – 4/17/18, Glass City half marathon”
  1. Did Alan go to Boston this year? If so, how did he do and what did he think of the weather? I had 10 friends running this year and only one had a good race. She ran a Boston PR but the rest were slower than usual. Very cool that so many American women were in the Top 10. The Japanese guy that won the men’s division was incredible. Including Boston, he has won 4 marathons THIS year and ran 11 marathons last year. We got snow yesterday and the headwind was fierce. I am so sick of Winter!

    1. He did go! Seems opposite for my friends – they seemed to all have decent races, well, at least by judging them on their splits on the BAA app! Most had pretty even splits. Maybe not as fast as they hoped though. I didn’t know that about the male winner. The women sure crushed it! I’ll have to get a quick recap of his race posted up here. The pictures say it all!

  2. I have worked a track meet, although I didn’t time (it was professionally timed, and I was working with the timing company, but I was a results runner if that makes any sense). I love doing pretty much any race volunteering or job though.

    I’m glad you had a good week and you got some solid runs in! The weather was crazy everywhere this past week but I feel like it’s really bad in places like Ohio that get snow, compared to Charleston where it just gets cold. I hope this week goes well and can’t wait to read about your race.
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…The Weekly Rundown: April 9-15My Profile

    1. Even though Alan and I are “seasoned pros” at timing now, we did have a bad heat where the timer group had a big mess up. One kid lapped the others and we stated clocking in people who hadn’t finished yet! I felt terrible when they were all asking for their times at the end and we just had to estimate because we had already stopped the watches. Doh! It’s a learning experience for sure!
      Spring better get here super soon because this weather makes me want to hide indoors! It has been sputtering little flakes of snow all day. Yikes!!!!

    1. I have tried so many kind of headbands. At least this one stayed on, but it did nothing for keeping my hair back. Especially in the wind! I just need to wear hats all the time I guess.

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