Hello everyone!!  This has been the longest week ever, in really good way.  It was Spring Break for my kids and we went to the winter wonderland up North!  I know, most people don’t spend their Spring Break in Canada, but when you’re a skiing family like ours, you take every chance you can get to fit it in.  With Sydney being in high school now, it’s near impossible to take her out of class and not miss something, so we planned this ski trip for our break.  Anyhoo…. what is what’s been happening in my training this past week…

  • Miles run: 21 miles
  • Hours of skiing:  MANY!

We went to Whistler Blackcomb resort in British Columbia.  It was beautiful there!

Monday: 4 miles, 9:50 pace.  I got to run with Alan!  It’s been forever since we ran together.  Our paces just don’t work so well together these days, so it was nice to have his company for this morning run.

IMG_7051 IMG_7047

Spent the rest of the afternoon hiking around with the family.  It was a rest day from skiing.


When we start a band, we could use this shot as our promo pic 😉


Tuesday:  No running, but a full day of skiing on the Blackcomb mountain.


Wednesday: 2 miles, 9:39 pace.  I was in a bit of a grumpy mood, and just needed to run a few miles.  Mission accomplished, and we had a great rest of the day skiing at Whistler!


I swear this run was entirely uphill!  But it was a beautiful morning, so there’s that.


Thursday: Rest day (flying home from Canada!)

Friday: 4 miles, 9:33 pace, treadmill.  A nice wake up for my legs.  Happy they weren’t feeling too sore from my ski trip!  My legs aren’t attractive to begin with, but my large bruises (completely normal, I ski aggressive and fall!) from my ski trip sure don’t improve the situation!  Let’s just hope they are gone, and I have a tan, but race day in two week!! (wishful thinking)


Saturday: 11 miles.  1 mile “warm up”, 9 miles @ 10:34 pace, 1 mile “shake out”!  I was filling in as a coach for the Dave’s MIT training group long run.  This group is named “RUN DMT” – get it?  Every group had a musical theme this season.  This is the 2:07 pace group, and I had a good run and great conversations to pass the miles!  And it was sunny out!!  Yeah!!


Sunday:  Rest day!!  A few abs workouts and strength training, but no running.

All in all, a busy week!  Back to reality now, and a very busy next few weeks with the Boston marathon (Alan) and Glass City half coming up soon.  Very, very busy time!


Q:  Have you ever been to Canada?

I’ll talk about our trip later, but I really liked it there.  Everyone was so friendly!!

Q:  What’s the most Northern destination you have ever been to?  How about most Southern?

This trip was our most northern, and Mexico to the south.

Q:  Have you ever seen a bear in the wild?

I did when I was a kid on vacation out west, but I don’t remember it much.  

10 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – 4/10/18 Glass City half”
  1. Never been to Canada. Furthest north was either Fargo, ND, for a marathon or Marquette, MI, for a half marathon. Furthest south would be Key West, FL. I lived in Knoxville, TN, for a few years back in the 80s and we saw black bears quite often in the Appalachian Mountains. Is Alan going to Boston this year? Looks like the weather could be a repeat of 2015. I wish I had volunteered this year since the volunteer jackets are blue and yellow.

    1. I did notice the volunteers had nice jackets in my pictures – I’d do it for the jacket!! Yep, but it’s a solo trip for Alan. The rest of us are feeling sad we aren’t going. But if it rains, we’ll be less sad for sure!! 😉

  2. That was a fun trip! I’d go back, but next time it will be during normal ski season, not spring break! Even after 4 days there, we probably missed out on a lot of areas.

  3. It looks like a spectacular trip to me! I love mountains 🙂 I don’t ski though and you are good at it from the video I saw I cant believe how bruised up you are! Skiing looks like great cross training 🙂
    Karen Bayne recently posted…Cool Running StuffMy Profile

    1. I was showing vacation pictures to my coworkers and it was “here’s a picture of the snowy mountains” and “here’s another snowy mountain” and “another snowy mountain”…. too bad the pictures don’t capture the beauty of them! Amazingly beautiful!!

    1. Nope, Alan is going solo this year. It’s just too hard to take Sydney out of school. They always have state testing around that time, and since we just got back from spring break trip, we decided not to go this year. I’ve got my Glass City race stuff to keep me super busy instead!

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