It was a pretty decent week.  The beautiful spring weather was here, and the mornings were bright early.  I was happy to get a full range of activities in this week: run, cycle, weights!

  • Miles run: 15.5
  • Miles cycled: 13 + 30 mins spin

Monday – 1.5 miles, 8:56 pace.  You know when you don’t have time, but you just NEED to go for a run?  Yep, that was today. My cat has gotten back into the habit of using the floor as her litter box and it stresses me out completely.  This run was needed.



Tuesday – 4 miles, 9:56 pace.  The kids had the day off school and I envisioned myself having a lot of “me” time in the morning, getting my run on.  But somehow I didn’t wake up on time, and ended up being super late for work. My outfit didn’t look right, had to pick something else out last minute.  My hair turned into a big fuzz ball. You get the picture. Epic fail morning. Meh, my Tuesdays are often like this!

Wednesday – 5 miles, 9:20 pace.  I decided to get up pre-dawn and get some miles in.  Thanks Alan for taking over “get kids up and on bus” routine!  This was a nice run. I’m loving being outside right now!


At night I helped out at a duathlon.  Here’s my official press photo.  haha!  But seriously, you do get free race photos at this Run Toledo event.  Always a super cool thing!  (website here)

Thursday – 13 miles cycling + 1 mile running.  Brick workout! What, a brick workout?? Ok, it was a mini into to “brick workouts”, but I went for a 13 mile ride with Alan, and then ran a mile right afterwards.  It was a *perfect* day for a ride and I loved it. This is in preparation for a Duathlon that is coming up May 23rd. I’ll tell you more about that later this week.

IMG_7816As for the run, I just decided to run a mile around my neighborhood, not looking at the time.  My legs felt like Jello for at least a half mile, and I was feeling pretty challenged. I figured my time would be a bit slow for me, maybe a 10:30?  I was shocked to see this pace… 8:32? wow!!


Friday –  Rest day!  It was garage sale day.  Does standing around my garage all day qualify as any sort of exercise?  Doubtful!


Saturday – 4 miles, treadmill.  It was garage sale day, and I needed to get some movement in because I’d be standing around in my garage all day.  Cold, damp weather – 50 degrees. Brrrrr.

Sunday – Mother’s Day!  I got to spend my day with my favorite people, and doing my favorite things!  That included a try again on my spin bike, and lifting weights in the morning.  My modification this week was to put the same gel pad on the seat that I have on my road bike.  I also positioned the seat better and that really made a difference! I was not in pain after an easy 30 min ride.


Did some arm weights and ab video.


My workout was after I got breakfast in bed!  Hooray!  (I got candy too!)


My family also drove me to Starbucks before we took a walk along the river.

And the kids made me dinner!  Delish! I love not having to cook all day.  Although I really do enjoy cooking, but just not every day 🙂

They also planted some flowers for me.  Beautiful!  I was spoiled.  It was a great day!


Q:  What day of the week do you find most challenging?

Mondays are the typical suspect, but for me, it’s Tuesday!

Q:  Have you ever had a Charleston Chew?

They are good frozen!


9 thoughts on “Training Tues – 5/15/18”
    1. That would be a long day!! 4 lessons is a lot. If your students are kids, do you find they have a strong interest in playing piano, or do you have any that are going “because my Mom makes me do it”? That would be rewarding to see someone learning to play!

      1. It is a long day but the money I can make teaching private lessons is just too good to pass up at this point in my life!

        I would say every student I have had for piano has been very excited to start, but I can tell within a month or two (or sometimes less!) if they are going to stick with it or not. I have noticed in general, my boys quit more quickly than the girls. Students who start at an older age (middle or high school) are more likely to quit. I find parents make younger kids “stick with it” longer than they should when their heart isn’t in it, whereas if the kids is older, parents are more okay with quitting when the kid realizes it isn’t for them.

        A lot of my students quit sometime during middle school or beginning of high school when life gets crazy and schoolwork piles on. Most of them are fine players and enjoy it, but it is a time commitment. If I have a student I have taught for 8+ years, and they quit piano, I don’t consider it “quitting”. I mean, at this point, they are independent players and can teach themselves songs. I “quit” piano in 8th grade but obviously continued to play piano since.

        Sorry, that was prob more info than you wanted but I felt like chatting!
        Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Ultra Race of Champions 25k Recap!My Profile

  1. Tuesday is always a crazy day for me… I usually have at least one work meeting and I also have PT. I’m off today though, thankfully!

    I love when races give out free pics and the pics are actually good. The best thing about free pics is that you don’t get emails years later wanting you to buy pictures. Love that they do pics of the volunteers and helpers too, sometimes I feel like we are forgotten about but I like to remember helping at races too!

    Your breakfast looks so good and I’m glad you had a great mother’s day and what seems to be a great week all around.
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Chronicles of Cross Training: May 7-13My Profile

    1. They had two photographers covering the race. I thought a lot of the pictures were really good! Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all good. I just told my family I wasn’t going to cook or clean on Mother’s Day… it all worked out well 🙂 haha!

  2. Looks like you had a nice mothers day! And you are still cranking away at the miles. My goal has been to keep 15-20 but I’ve been falling slightly short of that. Maybe I’ll get back there. Nice to see you out cycling too!

    I find Monday’s tend to be the hardest day, or morning at least. It’s garbage day, back to work/school day, and just in general cleaning up weekend crap at work.

    I’m sure I’ve had a Charleston Chew, but I can’t recall. Cow tails are a favorite in our household.
    Dan Clark recently posted…ShenanigansMy Profile

    1. It’s funny – when I typed this all up I thought I had a “ton” of miles. Then it turned out to be 15. Back in my marathon training days, that was what, maybe 1 or 2 days of running? All in perspective I guess.
      Gotta love putting out a bunch of fires on Monday! Cowtails are really good. I try to talk my kids out of them when the get them for Halloween. Yum!!

    1. Thanks! The weather for the sale (Fri & Sat) was a big bummer. Rainy and cold. It helps to have our stuff out in the driveway, instead of crammed in the garage, but we couldn’t do that. I did sell the “big things” we had, but that only totaled about $250 for both days for all of my stuff! Back when we first started having sales, we’d get $700 or $800 because we were selling furniture or appliances. Now that’s worth it!

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