I mentioned earlier this week that I’m trying something new – a Duathlon!  I really wanted to do one last year, but my hamstrings were protesting sitting on my bike seat.  Good news – I think I’m finally able to do it! I say “I think” because I haven’t spent a lot of time on my bike yet.  To be precise, I’ve only logged 19 miles on my bike this year! Ooops!


I’ll be participating in the Dooby Two race on Weds, May 23rd.  I like that this is a weekday event. Now that track season is over, I can do [my own] things during the week!  It’s actually the 2nd race at this park (thus the “Two”), and the 3rd race in a series of 4 duathlons for the spring season.  The series has points associated with it, and awards are given based on those points. But for me, I’m just doing this one. Baby steps!!

It’s held at a metropark, so the running will be on the trail.  The order of events is:

  • Run, 2.5 K on a loop trail course
  • Bike, 13.5 miles on the roads
  • Run, 5K on a loop trail course

I gotta say, I’m nervously anxiously excited for this event!  Less nervous than I was initially though because I volunteered at a duathlon last week.  I wanted to check it out. That’s me over on the right side in the blue shirt. Go runners!! (note to self – next time take my cowbell.  My hands got sore clapping so hard!!)


Here’s another action shot…  I look really proud of that guy 🙂  You go dude!


My race volunteer job was to help with “refreshments”.  I cut up watermelon and got the serving table ready.  Burgers and dogs, chips, and watermelon were served after this race.  Yummmm.


To be honest, a main reason for volunteering was to investigate.  I didn’t want to look like a total newb at the race!!!  Because seriously, most people have WAY cooler cycling gear than I have.  They have tri kits that make them look like rockstars, even if they were riding a tricycle!  I have running gear. I do have cycling shorts, but they are very padded and I wouldn’t be running in those.  By the way, this race series is a Run Toledo race, in partnership with Dave’s Running AND CycleWerks (where I bought my bike!).  How cool is that?

Here’s what I learned…  there are rules.

  • No headphones at the race.  (Good info – I always race with music!)
  • You must wear a helmet while cycling (well duh, I do!!  Even though it’s from Target and it’s kinda starting to fall apart)
  • You must put your helmet on before you touch your bike.
  • You must walk your bike until you get to the “line” (I’m sure there was a technical name for the “line”, but you get the idea)

Rules are good!  They keep you safe and make sure there’s no craziness.  This all makes sense to me!

Great news – these events are very casual, friendly, and low key!  There’s a wide range of people there, with all sorts of outfits on 🙂  I mean, a lot of people have those awesome looking triathlon kits, but there are some with plain old running shorts and t-shirts.  My kind of folk! I also saw several familiar faces at the race I volunteered at. Always fun seeing friends!

As of now, I have done one “brick” workout (where you do multiple activities back to back), and I biked and then ran just a mile.  It was a crazy feeling to be running after biking, and I felt like I had Jello legs! I hope to get one more, if not two, more brick workouts before the race, no matter how small they are.

So wish me luck next week!  I’m getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new.  I’m sure I’ll be the only person with a big gel seat cover on my bike, but that’s OK!  I’m doing it!


Q:  Have you ever done a duathlon or triathlon?

Duathlons are gateway drugs I’ve been told.  haha!!

Q: Do you cycle on any regular basis?

I don’t, but hopefully this year I will.  I LOVE riding my bike! I always think it’s so much easier than running and wonder why I run.  😉

Q: Are you team Laurel or Yanny???!

Laurel, obviously 🙄

7 thoughts on “Trying something new, Dooby Two!”
  1. Lisa,
    Awesome review of our Series!!! Super excited to have you joining us next week. This series is designed just for folks like yourself! And Yes, it is a gateway drug!!! I did 5 of them last year and look at me now! I’m the Fricken Race Director of the series and have my first Half Ironman planned.

    Rich Brown
    Race Director
    Run Toledo
    Richard Brown recently posted…Marathon #3 – 2018 Glass City MarathonMy Profile

    1. So, after my second brick workout, which happened today…. I’m giving you big kudos for taking on that Half Ironman!! My 2 miles running, following 1 hour biking, was exhausting enough for me! Can’t wait to see how you do. I’m sure it will be great!!
      And thanks for putting on well organized races Rich. Well done!

    1. Yes, duathlons are always a run, bike run format – but with varying distances of course. “triathlons for people who don’t like to get wet”. haha! (my own description)
      I listened to a podcast this morning which played that clip again, and this time I definitely heard Yanny, even though the podcasters were saying they heard Laurel. I was listening on headphones though, and maybe the podcast plays back slower? So odd. Interesting science behind all of that!

  2. The race director’s first comment cracked me up! I believe it that they are a gateway drug for people who love a challenge! I remember crossing the finish line at my first 5K and instantly being like “Okay, I’m going to run a marathon!” even though 5K was the furthest I had ever run at that point lol!

    No headphones at the race would stress me out but it definitely makes sense, especially during the bike portion as you don’t want any crashes!

    I have heard both Yanny and Laurel!
    Kristina recently posted…OMG did you know…?! (High School Classes)My Profile

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