Sadly, I did not get selected to be a Balega Ambassador this year.  I did apply, because I *love* their socks. They have been my favorite sock for years now and I won’t race in anything else.  They were the first pair of running socks that I bought, and my daughter and husband wear them too.

Although I was disappointed that I was not selected, I was very pleasantly surprised that I got a “consolation” prize!  They thanked me for applying, and sent me a pair of socks! How nice!


Gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with a company that appreciates their customers.  These were not free socks, but they are new latest purchase.  Aren’t they cute?  I love the colors.


I will definitely throw my hat into the ring again next year to be an ambassador for Balega.   

And in the category of “did you know”… Starbucks only gives you your birthday reward (aka, free drink or item) ON YOUR BIRTHDAY.  How inconvenient is that??  Seriously, that is a bit annoying.  It was always fun getting a free drink on any day close to my birthday – maybe on the weekend, instead of needing to get up extra early on my birthday and make a trip to Starbucks.  So I made sure I filled my drinks with *every* extra I could think of.  Geez!  My daughter especially bummed because she didn’t know about her drink until after school on her birthday.  Sorry, but a trip to Starbucks after dinner was not in the entertainment/celebration plans for that day.



Q: Have you ever received anything as a thank you for being a loyal customer of a product/store?

Q: If you had a dream Ambassador role, what product would it be for?

Of course I love my role being an ambassador for Run Toledo.  So much fun to interact with all of our local runners and friends!

Q:  Do you have a favorite brand of socks that you are loyal to?  

That’s something a runner learns early on – you gotta get a good pair of socks!

6 thoughts on “Balega showing the love”
  1. That’s really nice of them to send you those socks! Sounds like a stand up company. I do not have favorite socks. Socks are like the one item of clothing I never, ever think about! I would love to be an ambassador for Knoebels (an amusement park about 90 min from here). Actually I basically already am an ambassador for them because I talk about how awesome Knoebels is all the time. It’s about time they paid me for my free publicity!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Friday 5: Reasons to shop at AldiMy Profile

    1. Absolutely! I love seeing your pics of the park. That would be cool if they gave you a discount – or a special “free fries” card at least 🙂

  2. So what kind of drink did you get? It looks good! I didn’t know that about the birthday reward but my bday is in October so yeah. Maybe it is a recent change.

    I applied to be a Feetures sock ambassador a few years ago because my friends were and got denied bc they already had enough in this area (haha… my friends live here too so yeah). They sent me a pair of socks though which was nice! I actually like Balega better because I don’t like the compression in Feetures. I wear my soft balega socks with more minimalist shoes.
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Global Running Day: Finish Line FeelingsMy Profile

    1. My go to is usually the Java Chip Frappuccino. I have learned that it’s free to put additional shots of flavor in if it’s a flavor that’s already in the drink. I thought that was a good tip!
      I did find Feetures socks to be a bit tight. I gave mine to Sydney! 😉 She likes them though, so that all worked out.

    1. I used to “save” them only for running, but now I grab them anytime I’ll be walking around a lot now. Glad I have quite a few pairs!

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