Two random fun things for today… drinks and entertainment!  Alway good categories.


First, in the entertainment category, BattleBots is back!!!!  Do I have any fellow BattleBots fans out there? If you’ve never seen the show, homemade robots compete against each other.  These are no ordinary robots – they are built for destruction! “Homemade” in a tool shop by a bunch of skilled craftsmen or engineers that is.  We’re not talking popsicle sticks and cups.


And did I mention the “bots” are big?  They can weigh 250 pounds and are about the size of a lawnmower!


Some successful designs are spinners…  this design is betting on the sheer force of it’s weighty spinner to knock out the competition.

Flippers are good too!  These bots have arms which get under the competition and try to flip the opponent on to it’s back so it can’t move and is rendered useless.

The “smashers” are pretty good too, depending on the competition.  One good smash could be all it takes!

So much fun seeing how they fare in battle!

The other fun thing is that we just bottled some homemade wine!  It’s a light fruit wine which is perfect for summer. I can split a bottle with Alan and not have a hangover the next day.  Bonus!!


This batch was 27 bottles.  And while I was taking this picture, I wasn’t paying attention and overflowed wine on my floor.  Oops! Not a very reliable bottling assistant sometimes.  We just reuse bottles and use synthetic corks.  The corking machine works quite well and it’s a pretty simple task to get them all bottled.


Q:  Do you have a favorite wine?  Red or white?

I’m pretty much a sweet white or rose fan!  Red wine sits around forever in our house.  I don’t know what to drink it with.  Help!

Q:  Have you ever made wine?

Q:  Do you watch BattleBots?  (you should check it out!!)


2 thoughts on “Bots and bottles”
    1. Haha! The wine we usually make is from a kit, so there are very detailed steps involved. Not hard, but it’s a bit of science monitoring things until they reach the right levels. Yeast, sugar, alcohol. We have also made pure homemade wine. We got a book with all sorts of recipes. We tried pineapple wine. It was strong!!! It’s surprising – you can make wine from pretty much anything!

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