Remember a few weeks ago (ok, it was April, a long time ago!) when I had a milestone birthday??  I never showed you the fun decorations that I woke up to.


Alan stayed up late putting streamers all over the downstairs!  I know he was up late because he told me he was “going to bed soon” but I feel asleep waiting for him, and hearing the taping noises!  He said it took a long time 🙂


It was like Mission Impossible getting through it all.  After the kids left for school I went for a run.  5.0 miles.  I was happy with the pace!


Our bathroom was decorated too.


I got Snapchat birthday wishes from Sydney.


Then I stopped and got a free birthday drink.  I love birthday coffees 🙂


It’s always hard for me to come up with gift ideas.  But since this was a milestone for me, and Alan and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, I decided jewelry was my choice!  I don’t own a lot of jewelry, and don’t like to wear rings with stones sticking out for everyday, so I selected this anniversary band.  It’s just perfect!



Dinner was at Nagoya, a hibachi grill.  They have the best food there, and always put on a good show.

IMG_7469 IMG_7464

I was pretty lame at catching the food though.  Our chef must have tossed 8 pieces at me.  I missed every one of them!!  Tip:  Opening your mouth really wide does not seem to improve your ability to catch anything.  DOH.


I also requested a special cake for my birthday.  Honestly I didn’t think this recipe sounded too hard, but it was reported from Alan that Sydney was in quite a tizzy trying to make it perfect.  She did a great job and it was delicious!



Alan got me an entertaining card too.  Just watch (super quick 6 seconds!)

The card front said “You’re not old until the fat lady sings”, in case you couldn’t that!  So funny.  Birthdays are the best.  I’m thankful for having all of my family and friends in my life!  And you too 🙂  Thanks for reading my blog!


Q:  Do you request a special cake for your birthday?

Q:  How about a special meal for your special day?

I always like Shells & Cheese!!  Back at my parents house I always requested beef roast.  My mom makes the BEST!!

4 thoughts on “Celebrating 50 years”
  1. I’m gad your family cherishes you and treats you like the queen you are!!! All of your birthday decorations and activities look so fun and the cake looks delicious. I am not a big jewelry person either… as in, fine jewelry. I do like to wear cheapo funky necklaces and earrings. BUT if I had something “nice” I would pick something similar to what you got because it is sleek and classic and very pretty!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…My colleaguesMy Profile

    1. Aww, thanks Megan! Now I’m waiting to get the ring sized, so I’m missing it! Alan did go all out on the decorations, and the kids did too. I’m a lucky lady 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday! I’m so glad you had a good one… full of family and treats and a great run. You deserve all of that and more for your birthday. Also, I love Biggby and wish it was closer, ours is like 30 mins. away. But I can go for Starbucks too.

    To me it is so special to have someone make a cake for you for your bday. My friend’s bday was last week and our other friend baked her a cake. It means so much more than just buying something.
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Global Running Day: Finish Line FeelingsMy Profile

    1. I love to go all out on birthday cakes. I took a cake decorating class and could make some pretty fancy stuff. I’m a bit out of practice, but when the kids were younger I would spend hours and hours decorating cakes. I make my son a huge Mario cake with all sorts of cool stuff on it. I swear I spent 3 days making that thing. It was pretty awesome! Now my daughter always wants the yummy stuff for her birthday – cake with cookie dough in the middle! So delish. Alan just wants a plain yellow cake, with chocolate frosting. No sprinkles of anything. I just don’t understand (ha!).

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