We are up to Day 13 of our cross country adventure.  Just left the Grand Canyon in the AM, heading eventually to the Rocky Mountains.  Here’s the stats on our trip in total:


Since we were near Four Corners, we had to make a side trip to go see it.  Alan had seen it as a kid, but I didn’t remember it.  It’s where four states meet – Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.  It’s actually mostly located in Navajo Nation, which is the largest of the Native American nations.  We Googled, and learned a lot about the Native American areas as we drove through them.  Quite interesting!  The drive to Four Corners was also quite interesting because we went through sand storms.  Winds blowing really hard with sand covering the roads.  Eek!


Classic “one in each state” shot!


Not surprising, Four Corners was also super duper windy and we had to take cover behind vehicles as we walked over to see it.  By the time we left we were trying to get the sand out of our ears and teeth!!


Moab Utah was our stop for the night on the way to the Rocky Mountains.  By the time we rolled into Moab, it was around 7pm.  We still needed to eat dinner, but I saw the sun hadn’t set yet, so we ate quick, and rushed over to Arches National Park.  This park wasn’t even on our official agenda, but the sun going down was making everything light up so wonderfully!


I gotta say – THIS was finally that colorful sunset I had been hoping for!  It was breathtaking.  Of course these pictures don’t do it justice.


We had enough time to drive around quick and see some of the sights before it got dark.  Like Balancing Rock…


And these arches.


There were several people just arriving at the park, with headlamps, and from their appearance, I’m assuming they were going on a trail hike or run.  I’m sure it’s pretty magical out there when the sun goes down and it’s not so hot!


Another fun thing we did was stop at the grocery store.  I know, that sounds crazy, but our only other stop for food had been in a tiny town where the choices were Dollar General and Tom’s Grocery.  Dollar General had some snacks and items, and the dairy/meat products had to come from Tom’s Grocery.  What?  No iced coffee??  Only TWO milk choices? (whole and 2%) . I had to laugh to think how accustom we are to having a choice of several grocery stores to shop at, and they all have at least 6 milk choices!  We do get spoiled by the selection available.

Another night of flopping into bed and getting a good nights sleep from all of the activity during the day.  Ah!  Moab is a really cool town that I would like to go back and visit again.


Q:  Do you shop at grocery stores with a lot of selections, or are you limited by distance to big stores?

I would really have to get a new plan for food shopping if I lived far away from stores.  Sometimes we stop by the grocery store 4 times a week to grab stuff!!

Q:  What kind of milk do you buy?

Skim milk for us.

Q:  Have you ever been to Four Corners?

6 thoughts on “Epic Road Trip – Four Corners, Moab & Arches National Park”
  1. I’m glad you got your special sunset! Man, I would love to do a nighttime run in any one of those parks. 🙂

    I do 95% of my grocery shopping at Aldi and I am soooo lucky it is very close. The little things we can’t get there, we pick up at Weis, which is also just right up the street. Toiletries we get at Dollar General. I hate going to the store to pick up just one or two things, so I usually fill up each time we go. Usually that gets us through 1-2 weeks.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Friday 5: HappierMy Profile

    1. My goal is to go to the store only once a week. But a lot of times Alan goes shopping before I have our list ready, and we end up going back for the “rest of the stuff”. On a really messy week we go several times. That drives me crazy!!

  2. I can easily ride my bike to a Mariano’s Grocery (owned by Kroger), ALDI, Whole Foods, Meijer, WalMart, or Costco. Definitely spoiled by easy access to a variety of stores and products. As I have gotten older, I have sadly discovered that milk no longer agrees with me so I have switched to Almond milk. Occasionally, I will try Cashew, Coconut, or even Hemp milk if it is on sale. Never been to Four Corners but sounds like a cool place to put on the Bucket List.

  3. As far as taste goes, I think they are very similar. The makers of Almond milk claim it has more calcium than real milk. My GP told me that our bodies weren’t really designed for digesting milk and that as we age our immune systems weaken. As a result, our bodies become less lactose tolerant and we have a harder time fighting off the side effects of milk consumption. He likes to point out that even cows don’t drink milk and that we are the only species on Earth that consumes milk after infancy. Cats drink it because we give it to them and most of them get diarrhea as a result.

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