Just a quick post to fill you in on an exciting race I have coming up – I’ve committed to doing the sprint triathlon next Sunday!  Nothing like waiting until the last minute to sign up, am I right??  haha!  It’s the Sylvania triathlon.  I’d been thinking about my next multisport event, and honestly, I thought going up to the olympic distance for the duathlon seemed to be too much (run 5k, bike 40K, run 10K).  So I thought I’d give the sprint triathlon a try!  If you’re in the area – I hope to see you there!  It’s a pretty great event.  They have both olympic and sprint distances in both the triathlon/duathlon and a relay option. Not only that, they also have a kids duathlon and triathlon on Saturday!  It will be quite the multisport weekend.


I’ve mentioned that I’ve been swimming lately, but feel like it’s certainly not my strong sport. I get exhausted after just 100m of swimming…. and this event is 400m!  So I’ve been trying to slow it down, and figure out what it making me so tired (better form needed? slower speed?  different stroke?).  I think I’m improving in the swimming, although I have not done an “open water swim” in the same type of water I’ll be competing in at this event.  Maybe it’s better off not knowing since I’m not so keen on swimming in a lake??  We shall see!

I did another brick workout today.  My speed on the bike still needs improving, but I did 20 miles.


Looking like a pro – I finally bought a cycling jersey!


Then I ran 2 miles off the bike.  It did indeed feel like a “brick”, but once again, looking at my pace the run – I was shocked.  8:37 miles?  That’s pretty speedy for me these days.


Later in the day I swam 400m in my current bike shorts and got back on the bike to see how that felt to be wet.  Note, swim cap… not my best look.  LOL!


I’ll try to get a couple more swims in this week.  I think another “concern” of mine is what to wear.  There are some super sweet looking tri kits, but they are $$$.  I’m just trying to be frugal, so I bought some tri shorts which will be arriving early this week.  I envision a lot of chafing wearing wet cycling shorts on a bike!!  yikes.  Hoping that is only a worry in my head, and not in real life.  So yes, I still have to test out that part of my outfit.

As for my top, I’ll either swim in just a sports bra, or another tank top, because I’ll be wearing my Run Toledo singlet for the bike and run.  That part I do know!


Q:  Have you ever worn a swim cap??

Q:  What is your favorite anti chaffing product?

Q:  Did you have a good weekend?  Do anything fun?


8 thoughts on “Trying a tri! Sylvania Triathlon/Duathlon”
  1. This weekend, I did a chocolate chip cookie taste off with cookies from four different bakeries. Also, hubs and I went to brunch today and I did some cleaning.

    I saw your posts about the bricks so I figured you’d be doing a tri or a duathlon of some sorts! I think that’s a great way to break up the summer of workouts. It gets so hot in Charleston that a lot of runners cut back on running and do tris or either indoor activities like more yoga, group fitness, etc. Plus living near the water, triathlon is huge here. I hope you have a wonderful time and it’s great you’re promoting it on your blog and in the community too.

    1. Yummmm, chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! I hadn’t thought about it before, but I can see how cycling and swimming would be a great break from the southern summer heat! Our area’s multi sport events are definitely growing. We have a few quarries and ponds to compete in. Otherwise, it’s a little over an hour to get to Lake Erie.
      I need to go catch up on your blog!…

    1. I have no idea what the origin of the town name Sylvania is!! Do you ever use that as a nickname for PA? 🙂 If not, feel free to start that trend.
      I really am concerned about the swim. A mouth full of water is the biggest concern of mine, but there are plenty of safety people in the water in case there is an issue… so I guess I need to stop thinking about that!

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