My long run started out innocently enough.  When I stepped outside I immediately noticed the humidity was horrible.  It felt like a scarf around my neck! No worries, my plan was to run just as slow as needed to have a productive run.  My long run pace is 9:40 – 10:20, so the slower the better!

The only way I could describe the weather on Sunday was “swampy”.   The moisture was just hanging in the hot air. No breeze.


I made it about a mile before I decided to take off my tank top and just run in my sports bra.  I haven’t run in a sports bra a whole lot lately, but today was going to be the day. Too hot for a shirt!!  Sadly, I choose to wear neon orange shorts, which I love – and they look pretty good with a black tank top – but looks not so great with the purple sports bra I was wearing.  Oh well, function over fashion!

My paces were all pretty decent.  I had a few “hills” to go up and down, so my pace varied a little in the middle, but my last mile was my fastest.  WIN! My hamstrings were really tight when I first started. If I was using that first mile as a guide, I might have just stopped.  But after I got warmed up and that first mile was done, the hammies were feeling OK overall. Not much pain that I can even remember.  In the end, I decided to run 10 miles instead of the 8 miles on my plan in order to get ready for the Olander relay coming up. 


I know a lot of people that say things like “my heart rate got up to 170, it was really high!” but I’m more of a “almost 200” kind of gal!  I know it’s high, but I was actually feeling pretty good. I often stop at the top of one of these hills to catch my breath and I didn’t even do that on this run!


I saw a few people I knew on my run, which is always fun to say Hi.  By the time I got home, the braid in my hair was completely soaked. It looked like I had gone for a swim!  Yikes!

And then it happened.  I was going to take a picture to show you my scary mismatched running outfit (remember last week’s “shades of pink” outfit??), and my phone slipped from where I had set it, and it smacked on the ground face down.


I knew it wasn’t going to be goood.

I picked it up, and screen had shattered.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

So this is the picture you get instead.  OMG, that sucked.


I had to put some tape on the phone to keep the screen together because little shards of glass were already coming out of it.  Ghetto style!!


My phones usually hold up pretty well to my abuse. I’m not rough with them necessarily, but they do end up taking hits just because I don’t necessarily treat them like the $$$ item they are – I just expect a lot out of my phone I guess!  Like the time my phone fell out of my pocket when I was on the fastest roller coaster at Cedar Point, Top Thrill Dragster.  My phone fell from the top of the coaster down to the ground, but landed safely in some landscaping and was returned to me by a really nice passerby!  That was pretty much a miracle.  So happy the phone didn’t hit someone!!


Luckily Alan is quite handy with all things electronic, so he’ll be replacing the screen for me.  In the meantime, please pardon any odd things I post online because I probably can’t see what I’m typing!!! 😉


Q:  Have you ever broken a phone screen?

Q:   Do you have an iPhone or Android phone??

Q:   What do you think your max heart rate is when you’re working out hard?


4 thoughts on “Good long run gone bad”
  1. Omg it could have killed someone when it fell out at Cedar Point! I guess it all has to do with how it lands. I drop my phone a lot but I have one of those $30 screen protectors on it. The screen protector has 2 cracks but the cracks don’t bother me at all, I barely see them. So I’m not replacing the protector. Maybe you can get one of those? I know $30 is a lot but it could be worth it!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Currently!My Profile

    1. I know – it would have been horrible if it hit someone!! I was wearing cargo shorts and it was in my pocket. I now make sure everything is securely zipped up when we get on that ride. Yikes. I did have a protector on my old iPhone, which never broke. I was never sure if they really worked, but yes, maybe they do!!

  2. I have not broken a phone screen. Yet. I broke a whole phone and that was a fiasco, back before Christmas. I was phoneless for about a week, which really sucked because it was Christmas and I had a lot of travelling to do. I had insurance, but they refunded my money to a credit car I no longer have, and long story short… I never got the money back for the broken phone. I hope you can get the screen fixed and fairly inexpensive.

    I have an android phone with a protector and case! I use Google Fi for my phone because the bill is super cheap but I can’t have an iphone. I’m okay with that though.
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Adulting Milestone: Paying off Student LoansMy Profile

    1. Oh geez, that sucks about your phone reimbursement!! We ordered a screen for $35, which was a great deal I think. Haven’t fixed it yet, so hopefully it’s legit and works good. LOL!!

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