Have you ever signed up for a race so far in advance that you don’t spend much time thinking about it?  Or maybe it’s something so big you just can’t wrap your head around it, and it’s more like avoidance of the fact that it’s going to happen, ready or not??  Well, I’ve got one of those coming up.  I was out on my bike ride today and it hit me… this event is NOT far away!

I’ll just say it out loud…. I signed up for a 24 hour race, and it’s happening in less than a month!!


I’m actually participating in a relay team, but OMG, it’s less than a month away!!  I signed up to run this race a long time ago (was it January??).  My team will consist of Run Toledo Ambassadors, and Alan too.  We will be racing at the same place I did the triathlon.  The course will consist of a 1.091 mile loop around the pond that I swam in!


It’s going to start on Sunday, September 2nd, and end on Labor day, September 3rd.  This race has been going on for several years and last year quite a few friends of my competed in it.  It looked like so much fun, I hopped on board with the relay team as soon as the idea came up.

Alan was going to run the entire 24 hours by himself, as an ultra race, but seeing that his goal marathon is the week after this event, I convinced him to just going our team to keep the stress off his body.

We also plan on having our camper there, making it a fun weekend for the kids too.  It looked like a lot of energy all night long!  Hopefully that’s the case, because I can’t say I’m the most pleasant person when I get tired!! 🙂

So here’s to trying something new!  This year, my big 5-0, I’ve done two new things so far:  a duathlon and a triathlon.  My original plans were to run a 50 miler, but my body has a different opinion on that and it’s not really feasible right now.


Q:  Have you ever done any sort of multi-hour event??

Q:  How long do you think it will take before I go bonkers from running around in a circle in the middle of the night??

Q:  Do you ever run when it’s dark out?

3 thoughts on “Oh yeah… that thing I’m going to do.”
  1. Omg, so many questions! Are you and your relay team taking turns or running at the same time? If you are taking turns, around how many laps do you think you will run before the next person goes? Why in the heck did Alan want to do the 24 hours ALONE a WEEK before his marathon!? Good job on you for talking him out of it. It sounds like you guys are going to have a super fun weekend!!!

    Back in April, I signed up for the Bird in Hand Half Marathon because my friend Ana (https://workrunhikerepeat.blogspot.com) told me how awesome it is. Well I was reading her blog yesterday and she said her half marathon is only 4 weeks away and training is going well. I was like… oh shit, is that the one I signed up for to? YUP! LOL!!!!! I have not trained at all. But I am not racing it. We’re running 10 miles this weekend. There we go, I’ll be ready. 🙂
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  2. That’s hilarious about your upcoming race! Time just flies, eh? Yes, 10 miles done, you’re ready!! As for the relay – I have the very same questions!! We haven’t sat down yet to discuss our plans, but I’m thinking maybe each person will run a 5K, then swap? The awards will be based on total team mileage, but I’m not planning on busting out any speedy 5K’s, so hopefully my team with be OK with that! I’m just in it for the fun factor.
    Alan had originally thought he would do the 24 hr race alone, back in January – and wanted to win it for total mileage! However, as the year went on, he was recovery from racing in April (crappy Boston marathon) and now needs to qualify for Boston sometime before registration. So he signed up for Erie marathon, which is the week after the 24 hr. I did have to reel him back in and make sure he had his priorities straight!! 😉

  3. I think a couple of friends also said I would be stupid if I ran that and then a goal race 6 days later. Which it would be. Will be a fun laid back event!

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