I mentioned before that I’m being selective on my workouts for my half marathon training, because I’m also coaching a 5K program.  With the 5K program, I might end up running every day, which hasn’t agreed with me a lot lately – so I have to cut some of my regular training plan days.  I like to pick the “interesting” speed work days, well, because why not, right?

This week’s workout was a hill workout.  A hill workout with 1 mile repeats!  What the what?  The targeted pace was for the miles for me is 8:20 – 8:30.  8:30? that’s pretty much my 5K pace these days.  Throw in a hill in that mile?  Oh man, it seemed a bit fast.

Luckily Thursday morning was a beautifully “chillier” day than most.  It was 60 degrees!  I didn’t go all crazy wearing capris again, but it sure felt pretty awesome in a tank top and shorts.

I did a mile warm up, did my dynamic warm up exercises and got ready to run.  Let’s go!


There was a hill, and I ran on some trails – both paved and grass.


I was a bit skeptical when I saw my pace around 8:45 when I got up to the top of the hill, but then I realized I was going to be picking up the pace on my way down.  Win!  I did have to watch out for the leaves on the trail though.  With my luck lately, I’m surprised I didn’t slip and fall!  (and why don’t hills ever look steep in pictures??)


I had a minute rest in between each set, and I kept it an active recovery, not just standing around.  I did get lost on the first loop, but besides that, I hit my paces!  Wow!  I really surprised myself with this one.


My hamstrings actually felt pretty decent during this workout, so that was good.  Maybe because I foam rolled before my run?  (thanks Megan for that idea!)   Not sure how they will be feeling in the next few days due to this run, but for now, yippie!  Here’s a funny shot.  I was thinking that at some race I’ll finally do one of those “heel click jumps”.  I’m kind of just floating in this one!  I’ll work on that.


I call this my “I conquered the hill” shot!  (ps, the hill is on the other side of the monument, you can’t see it.  I’m at the top of it!)


I even decided to run 2 miles for my “cool down”.  I was on a roll.  Gotta love when a run works out well.  It’s something to celebrate for sure!  Like going out for a delicious lunch with my hubby.  🙂


Woohoo!  The long weekend is here!!  Enjoy your Labor Day!


Q:  Do you ever ham it up for the race photographers, or do you end up missing most of them?

Q:  Do you like summer shanty beers or Octoberfest??

Q:  What kind of food did you have the last time you went out for lunch or dinner?


7 thoughts on “Sometimes I surprise myself”
  1. The last few marathons I’ve run, I have tried to hide from the photographers! Limping along in pain is not exactly how you want to be remembered during a race.

  2. I just try to not get caught walking in my race photos. Other than Boston, I have never bought race photos. I was recently in Denver had a grapefruit shandy at Avery Brewery which was delicious but Sam Adams Oktoberfest is definitely one of my favorite beers. I have been on the road for the past week so I have eaten every meal out for the past four days. I flew to Jackson Hole to run the Jackson Hole Half and then drove to Denver yesterday with a friend. We stopped for tacos at a local place off I-80 but it was just road food. Nothing special and just enough to keep us going.

    1. Oh yes, the photographers always bring out the speed in me too – can’t let them see ya walking! Was the weather good for the Jackson Hole half? I picture it being very scenic… and hilly?

  3. 35* at the srart. They let us sit on the bus until the just before the race started. It was a beautiful course but the last 7 miles were a slight incline and the race was at 6000’ of altitude.

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