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  • Training for:  Columbus Half Marathon
  • Miles run:  22.5
  • Miles biked:  12.6

Monday – Rest day from my weekend of racing! (Runaway Bride 5K and Jeep 4 Miler)

Tuesday – 5 miles.  The most exciting thing to mention about this run was my colorful outfit choice.  I was going to wear a black tank top, but then thought I should be more visible in the road, so I picked this pink tank as I left.  In a rare happening, I joined my neighbor for the first mile because she was running past my house and it’s fun to have a bit of conversation on my run. I wonder what she thought of my crazy color matching!!


Wednesday – 5 miles, with intervals.  1/2 mile warm up, 5 x 1000m, 1/2 cool down.  I had my watch programmed for this workout but by the time my last interval came around I didn’t realize it had beeped for “on” again, and I was still “off”.  Wasn’t until about halfway through the last interval that I figured out I was supposed to be running fast! Oh well, I’m calling this a win. Pace should have been 8:20-8:30 for intervals and I got: 8:25, 8:19, 8:22, 8:23, 9:23  Good enough!

A mid jump picture… not quite there – just like my intervals! 😉


Thursday – Rest day!

Friday – 5 “easy” miles.  Was supposed to be easy, but it did not feel that way!  I was not feeling this was easy in any bit. Blame it on the humidity?  Not sure. Started getting really nervous about my Saturday workout….


Friday we also drove all the way to the aerial park… only to get rained out a half hour after we started on the features!  Oh well.  At least they gave us a “rain check” and we can still use our tickets on another day.


Saturday – 7 miles… This was my “fun” workout of the week.  Surprising because I was nervous going into this. I was subbing for the Dave’s Running MIT group and a “10K race” was on the calendar.  Ironically I signed up to sub thinking I’d have an easy long run that day. NOPE! It was “race” day! I was going to pace people from the training group, and the expected pace was around 9:10-9:15.  I should be able to do that, but I was just not feeling sure. Especially when I was drenched with sweat after our warm up mile. Ugh!

Turned out that the pace was not an issue.  I mostly ran with a group of 3 people and we kept right around 9:00 min miles.  When we got to 5 miles, I encouraged my running buddy to pick up the pace and pass the person in front of us.  That move went well, so I said “we’re going in beast mode!!” We took off sprinting for our final mile. When I first looked at my watch it said my current pace was 7:51!  oh my!! I started to fade a little bit near the end, but we pushed each other and ended up with 8:25 for the last 1.2 miles. Not too bad at all!!


It was fun kicking it up a bit.  I was talking to one of the group members after the run and she mentioned how surprised she was that she just got beat by a 50 year old (she’s 26). LOL!! Good day indeed.  That effort deserved a big Starbucks!


Sunday – Rest day from running!  In fact, my hamstrings were pretty mad about yesterday’s speedy effort.  DOH! I foam rolled, did PT exercises and even sat on some ice packs to chill everything out.   Since it was the last day of summer break for my kids, we went on a bike ride to the ice cream store.  12.6 miles round trip. Might have burned off the calories from my ice cream… but probably not 😉


That wraps up the week of workouts, and the summer break!  I’ll soon be hitting my treadmill again to get those training miles in.  Bittersweet – I miss the early morning sun, but I have a lot of TV shows to watch!!


Q:  Tell me something exciting about your week!

Q:  What part of summer will you miss the most?

Being productive in the early morning while my family is sleeping 🙂

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