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August is almost over!  School is back in, the days around bouncing between freaking hot and humid, to a few cool days in between.  Fall is almost here, right?  Maybe not, but daylight hours are sure getting shorter.  Boo!!   Week 4 of the training plan is a wrap, and here’s how it went…

  • Training for:  Columbus half marathon
  • Miles run: 28
  • Miles biked: 0, big fat zero!

Monday –  3 miles. It’s back to school for my kids, so my routine is changing.  I decided to run a few miles after the bus picked up the kids. Got in 2 morning miles to start out my week right.


Yes, I’m that Mom that makes her kids hold “back to school” signs LOL (and it was raining on their first day back, so that’s why they are in the garage….)


Later it was the first meeting for the Ready for the Race training group.  We ran a warm up (.5 miles) and then a fartlek run. The 35:00 finish time group was large, so I helped out with their group.   Everyone was motivated, and the first meeting went well!


Tuesday –  4 miles. I ran on my treadmill!  It’s been sooooo long! Watching Big Brother.  I’m about 10 shows behind 😉


Wednesday – .5 miles (warmup run only).  It was a coaching day for my 5K Ready for the Race group, but all of the recent racing and speedwork seems to be disagreeing with me and I needed another rest day.  Instead I opted to be an official cheerleader/photographer for the ladies who were doing a mile time trial. They all did great and I saw lots of smiles when they crossed the finish line.  This time trial will give us an idea of which pace groups each person fits in to.


Thursday – 7 miles.  I have to modify my half marathon training slightly due to the 5K group I’m training, so I selected to do only 1 speed workout this week instead of 2.  I pick the one that sounds most interesting!  I was intrigued by this one.  It was 1 mile warm up, miles 2 & 3 at half marathon pace, miles 4 & 5 were fartleks of 3 mins on/1 min off, mile 6 was half marathon pace… then I did 1 mile cool down.  When I got to the fartleks I was just winging it because I couldn’t really figure out if I was 3 mins on, or 1 min off, but I just speed up a little here and there.  It was “good enough”!

Alan joined me for the first half of the run.  He’s so funny. When we got to the “speedy” part, he said “are we running fast now??”.  Hahaha. Too bad he was serious. Oh well, that’s what happens when you run faster than me!


The morning was actually chilly, 55 degrees.  I didn’t know how to dress, so of course I overdressed.  Luckily I ditched my tank top and felt pretty good.  This is me after finishing the speedwork, and knowing I have the house to myself so I can lounge when I get home!!


Oh, and get back to doing stretches after my run too.  I need to take the time!!


Friday – Rest day!!  My hamstrings were not too happy at all with the speedwork yesterday.  Every time I sped up, I could feel them, in a bad angry way. Trying to get my hamstrings to feel better today.  So no running, and I went to Cedar Point with Alan while the kids were at school.  Sneaky us. 😉


Saturday – 2.5 miles   I was all kinds of confused today.  My daughter had to load the XC bus at 7am, and I figured we had to leave at 8:20am to go see her at her XC meet.  And I had at least 8 miles to run. Not sure about the math, but I was somehow going to squish in my long run, and drive home from school dropoff AND get ready to go (shower!) all by 8:20am.  Worst part was that the meet started at 9:00am and we had an hour drive to get there! Oh so wrong. So, I opted to only run 2.5 miles this morning.  Both girls and boys teams won the meet.  Victory!!


It’s kind of funny because I have zero interest in running later in they day.  Sure, I could have run any time on Saturday after we got home at 11:30am, but I didn’t want to.  If I couldn’t get it done early, it wasn’t going to happen! Good thing too, because it was dreadfully humid outside.  2.5 mles was a struggle and I questioned my ability to run 8 miles on Sunday.

Sunday – 10 miles, long run day….  More miles than on plan.  I’m actually putting a separate blog post up next about this run.  It started pretty good, and ended oh so bad 🙁  Here’s my teaser photo to get you to come back for my next post…. (looks pretty mysterious, yes??)



Q:  Did it get chilly where you live?  Wasn’t that awesome??

Q:  Do you do a warm up and cool down routine?

I *really* need to get back in the habit of doing that!

Q:  Have you ever run a Mile race distance?

4 thoughts on “Training Tues – 8/28 Columbus half edition”
    1. I’ve actually never tried foam rolling to warm up! I should, it could probably help.
      Big Brother… I just saw Swaggy evicted, so that shows how far I am behind!! But I thought he was really good for the entertainment factor. They are spotlighting the Bromance dudes last time I watched. I do like the show – mostly the challenges and the Crap App stuff! I try to follow what is going on with strategy, but I just can’t follow most of it. I’m like that when I watch Survivor too. I just like to watch them interact and compete! And hey, thanks for convincing me to give Big Brother a try! 😉

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