The cross country season is well under way now, but even before the official start there was training to be done.  Both my kids have been running all summer long, and with their teams since August 1st. My daughter reminded me that she needed new running shoes. This is a statement that causes fear in the hearts of both Alan and I… except I’m the lucky one who gets to take her shopping!  Here’s Sydney at a recent XC meet.  


I think the Dave’s Running Shop employees hide when the see us coming.  At least the wise ones should.  Don’t get me wrong, Sydney is just like every other person who wants to make sure she finds the right running shoes… and tries on a million pairs to select them.  However, when the time comes to purchase shoes, the answer to “do you like these?” is always met with a resounding “I don’t know!”, which is then followed by a stressed out look by Sydney, and I end up with my head in my hands in desperation.  (Can you just feel the drama here?? LOL!)

After running in one unlucky selection of a pair of Nikes, Sydney got shin splints!  Was it directly related to these shoes? I don’t know. But they were new, and that is the only thing that has changed.  So these shoes are now “walking” shoes until we can figure it out.

In the meantime, while battling these new aches, we are still looking for new running shoes for her.  She decided on a pair of Brooks shoes next. Sadly, they were not the perfect shoe for her either.  I don’t remember what the story was on them, but Dave’s gladly returned them and we tried on more. About a zillion more.  In the end, she wanted a pair that needed to be transferred from another store, so we didn’t leave with a new pair of running shoes from the store that day.  

BUT, look what fun things we DID leave with!….


Running spikes! – yes, Sydney decided on a new pair of spikes because she got a blister at her first meet in her old spikes. Do spikes really wear out after 3 seasons of being worn at races?? (what, maybe 30 miles?)  I don’t know – but when Sydney agrees on something, I have learned it’s just best to get onboard with it so I have a happy teenager!  I LOVE that spikes are such bright colors.  I swear the entire XC team is blond with long hair in ponytails.  These shoes stand out.

New socks for her!!  When she said she got a blister, I looked at her old socks and gladly bought some nice new Saucony pairs.  These were actually a great price at $15 for 3 pairs!  Deal!!  I think I might need to go back for some of my own.

Dave’s t-shirt (for me)!  When I saw this design show up around town, I knew I needed it.  I think it’s a great retro look. And check it out, Dave’s has been in business 45 years!  

Goodr glasses (also for me!)!  Yes, *another* pair of Goodr’s.  🙂 I now have a blue lens, yellow lens, and these pink pair.  These shades will be perfect for my Ready for the Race training group.  We wear pink for breast cancer awareness of course!  The name is the best – “Flamingos on a Booze Cruise”!!  🙂


Despite the long shopping trip, I was happy to get fun stuff for me too. It’s only fair I think!

Update:  The “new” shoes Sydney picked out are working for her!  HOORAY!  Brooks Launch.  There’s hope the next new pair she needs will be Ghost’s too.  Hey, we can hope.


Q:  Have you ever worn running spikes?

I have not.  They look rather uncomfortable!

Q:  What color sunglasses (besides black!) would match most of your running outfits?

Q:  Do you keep buying the same model shoes until they aren’t available anymore?

I sure wish Sydney would!!

3 thoughts on “A trip to the running store, new stuff for me”
  1. No I have never worn spikes! I do wear shoes until they are discontinued. Luckily, my road shoes never have! I got shin splints once. I have no idea why I got them! I remember I took like a week off and then all was good and I never got them again.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Chrissy scared me!My Profile

    1. We were doing pretty good with the family running injuries, but now Alan is really down and out, Zach still has a some sort of heel issue, and Sydney said her shins hurt again! Yikes. Of course I’m the nagging Mom who says “well, did you ice and do your exercises? You can expect this stuff to just go away on it’s own!” LOL!!! And meanwhile I have majorly slacked in my PT exercises. But me and that foam roller are getting to be best buds. if it’s working, I’m sticking with it!!
      (Alan is still waiting for his x-ray results…)

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