On Sunday we went to Cedar Point for 3 reasons… 1) the weather was great! 2) It’s the start of Halloweekends 3) We had one day Fast Lane Plus passes!


First of all, in the Fall, Cedar Point has Halloweekends.  It’s the same fun park, with lots of seasonal scary stuff.  The scary stuff doesn’t start until it gets dark, but there are lots of really pretty decorations and fun Halloween stuff happening during the day.


But, the main goal for this visit was to use our Fast Lane Plus passes.  We got a free one for 2018 when we renewed our season passes for 2019.  Fast Lane Plus passes allow you to skip the regular line, and get in a super short line for all the big rides.  As an example, the newest ride Steel Vengeance has had a 2 hour wait (minimum!!) every day we’ve been at CP this year.  Using the Fast Lane Plus pass, the wait was only 20 mins.  20 MINUTES!!  Why haven’t we had this pass before?  It’s a whopping $85 a visit – on top of the daily pass price!  For a family of four, that’s $$$$$$ (x4).  So no, it wasn’t an option we had considered.


BTW, we rode Steel Vengeance twice.  OMG, BEST RIDE EVER!!


I have to tell you… having a Fast Pass Plus was like being royalty!  We just walked on every single ride with practically no wait.  How nice!  Especially nice because it ended up being a hotter day than we had expected (no clouds!).

The only downside was that I was all rollercoastered out by the end of the day.  I wouldn’t have gone on another coaster if you paid me.  I think it would have made me throw up.  So we called it a day after we had gone on everything.  No need to go extra rides!


In addition to living large with those passes, we had a super exciting thing happen to us.  We were on the ride Top Thrill Dragster.  The car took off like normal, but as it approached the vertical tracks, I thought something seemed a little bit odd.  Mind you, we are hitting speeds of 120 mph at this point so “odd” is something you don’t want to feel.


As the car sped up to the top of the hill, I saw something flying in the air out of our car!  Remember this was the ride in which my iPhone flew out one time?  Yikes.

My eyes were fixated on the object flying through the air, and then I said “Oh crap!”.


Our car failed to go over the top!!!    That’s right, our car did a rollback!  We started rolling backwards almost as fast as we had gone up the hill, and then I think they applied the breaks to stop us from dangerously slamming into the car behind us.  Trust me, there are safety measures involved 🙂


Then, they had to slowly back our car up to the start line, so we could try it again.  Was I scared?  Heck no!!  We were all cheering.  It was quite an exciting event.  No worries, we made it over the top on the second attempt.  I had heard of rollbacks happening, but had never seen it happen.  Now, we’ve lived it.  Pretty cool huh?


Q:  Have you ever been on a roller coaster that got stuck or needed some assistance?

Q:  Have you ever been on Top Thrill Dragster?

Q:  Do you like haunted houses?

Next time we go back we will go in those.  They now have a “tween” time, before the really scary crew comes out so that will be the perfect opportunity to go through the haunted houses.  Sydney dislikes haunted houses!

4 thoughts on “Living the good life, and super excitement at Cedar Point”
  1. Wow! What a fun and exciting day. I wouldn’t have handled the car not making it up the hill and then trying again thing well at all!! We have season passes to Kings Island (same owner as CP) and I remember reading about the promotion to renew passes for next year and getting a Fast Pass for each ticket renewed. I didn’t take advantage of it but your post encouraged me to go to KI’s website. Unfortunately that promotion is now over :(. KI starts their haunted fest this weekend but the park won’t be open on weekend days for the fall fest until next weekend.

    1. I’m not sure how, but the whole summer slipped past us and we didn’t go to Kings Island in 2018!! We really wanted to this year, but there was never a good day I guess. We had so much fun last time we did go to to KI though… we rode The Beast in the rain!! We thought for sure they would shut it down for rain, but nope, they just kept going and we got pelted in the face! It was crazy!

  2. OH MY GOD. I can’t believe that happened and I cannot believe you weren’t scared!!! I would never ever go on a ride like that. When I was a teen or in college, I totally would have, but now I am convinced I will die.

    I’m glad you had a TON OF FUN, were able to do the fast passes. Knoebels does Halloween Weekends too and we are going with my parents and brother’s family/kids in October. I can’t wait!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…How many times do you say you’re sorry?My Profile

    1. You really would not have liked that rollback!! I am surprised they never asked us if we were OK. I guess the smiles and cheering from the car said it all. Fall is the best time to go to the amusement parks. I look forward to seeing the fun stuff you do at Knoebels!

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