Back to a normal week!  Those holiday weeks really throw off my schedule!  I had a few extra rest days this week due to my 24 hour relay, but still ended up with the highest miles of this training cycle: 31.2!

Monday –  9.1 miles Finished up my Labor Day 24 hours of running at 10:00am.  You can read the recap of that fun event here if you haven’t yet!


Tuesday – Much needed rest day!!  Thought I had caught up on my sleep, but by 10:00 am I was dragging.  It was a ROUGH day. So sleepy.

Wednesday –  I had great intentions of getting in a morning run, just to get my legs moving, but my body still said “oh no, I’d like to just sleep”.  So, I just stayed in bed until the last possible minute, then went to work 😉 The heat index was so high here that my Training for the Cure coaching group was cancelled!  My son’s cross country meet was cancelled to. My daughter’s cross country practice was not cancelled though, grrrrr. Why not coach, why not??

Thursday – 5 miles, easy.  Had to get “back on the horse” and went for a run.  Ouf!! I had been feeling great just walking around, but when I started running everything was soooo tight!  Due to time constraints I didn’t do a warm up or foam roll, and it was not a good thing. I should have stopped at 4 miles to stretch and foam roll, but my plan said 5 miles, and that’s what I did.  I also found a bunch of purple clothes in my closet apparently…


Friday – 10  miles, 9:19 pace.  My long run was a super pleasant surprise!  With the heat and humidity gone, it was actually an enjoyable run and I went 10 miles instead of 9 because I was feeling good.  Win!


Saturday – Rest day!!  My kids were the star runners of the day.  They went to the Tiffin Cross Country Carnival, which is the 2nd largest cross country meet in the country.  It’s crazy! Especially this year because there was drizzly rain all day, which made for a muddy course. The hill they ran down was a bit slick!  I’m surprised there were not more kids sliding down it, but overall they did incredibly well.


Zach made it through his run with a respectable pace – 7:28 overall pace.  He still has some pain in his heel which we haven’t figured out if it’s PF or a heel strain.  It’s been feeling improved, but still a little pain when he runs.


Sydney has gotten over her shin splints and calf pains – and ran almost 2 minutes better than last week’s meet, 22:24.  Not a PR, but a great 5K time!  She was a happy camper! 🙂


Sunday – 7 miles, tempo run.  Miles 2-6 at half marathon pace, which is 8:49.  It was rainy all day long, so this was a treadmill run for me.  Time for Pitch Perfect 3!


The star runner of Sunday was Alan though, who ran the Erie marathon.  The weather held off and they had a nice cool race day. Alan was strong until mile 17.   The pain in his foot just got worse, and he couldn’t keep the pace. Finished in 3:56. Based on the wincing walk he does, my guess is that he has a stress fracture.  Dr’s opinion to be had later this week! It certainly was not a great day for him, consider it was also his birthday. Boo on that foot!  On a good note, he said his hip didn’t hurt him 🙂


Q:  Have you ever had to use crutches before?

Just asking for a friend.  haha!

Q:  Are you getting bad weather from hurricane Florence?  

I hope you are safe!!


5 thoughts on “Training Tues – 9/11 half edition”
  1. Bummer about Alan’s foot. Hope it isn’t a stress fracture because I have been down that road. Twice. Broke the second metatarsal and then, a year later, the third. Both times in the same foot and I was in The Boot for several weeks, but a stress fracture in my hip had me on crutches for a couple of weeks. I had three friends running Erie who got BQs there just in time for registration. I ran my first BQ there in 2013 and then went back in 2016 to pace a friend to a BQ. I read that 46% of the runners achieved a BQ there this past weekend. Weather here in Chicago has been gorgeous the last few days. No AC and windows open at night. Does Alan register for Boston this week?

    1. That’s the sad part – Alan didn’t get his BQ for 2019! It’s been a rough year for him and honestly, putting him in a boot would force him to take time off and get healed up! The boot sucks, but at least when it’s a bone related injury you heal up and can get back at it. It’s the annoying muscle injuries (hamstrings!!) that just linger on forever and never seem to go away 🙁

      1. I agree. The nagging muscle-tendon injuries are the worst. When I broke my hip, the doctor said it was actually GOOD news. He explained that one of two things were bound to happen. Either I was going to tear my hamstrings because they were so freaking tight or the hamstrings would pull the bone apart. He said the bone would heal and be even stronger but a hamstring tear would probably become a chronic problem. Sorry to hear Alan won’t make it to Boston next year. I know that has to suck, but he will be back for 2020 I’m sure. This will only be my second Boston and most likely my last.

  2. Poor Alan! I hope it’s not a stress fracture. Keep us posted. Congrats to your kiddos!!!! I’m glad you gave yourself the days of rest you needed after your race. We had several cross country meets cancelled due to the excessive heat. Our kids couldn’t even go out to recess after 11am several days so far this school year. It’s scary. I worry about climate change and if our great, great, great grandkids will have to deal with these dangerous temperatures often.

    1. It is crazy scary about the heat. I don’t remember ever having anything canceled due to excessive heat! I’m glad they are canceling meets. I think about the kids running in the heat – but what about the football practices in all of that gear. Yikes.

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