I have about a month left to go until my Fall half marathon, Columbus.  Still not sure if it will be a “just Alan and I” trip, or if the kids are going along.  Either way, it looks more likely that it will just be me running that day and not Alan.  Alan was diagnosed with a tendon problem, and not a stress fracture.  He’s been doing a ton of biking to keep up his fitness!  He also has a laced up support that he wears to stabilize his ankle.

As for me, it’s been another good week and I’m thankful that my hammies have been cooperating with all that I have been putting them through lately.  This week will be one of my last weeks of running 6 days a week.  Race for the Cure is coming up on Sunday!

This is what happened last week…
* Miles run: 33.1 miles!
* Miles biked:  19.8 miles

Monday –  Biked: 3.2 miles, Run 2.3 miles.  This was the annual “ice cream run” for the Jr High cross country team.  They run to a big hill, then run hill repeats.  Then they run to the ice cream shop, which is their reward.  I ride my bike along their course so no one gets lost.  I have run the hill in years past, but also injured my foot doing that, so I’ve wised up!

Miles at night – Dave’s Pink Divas group, 8 x 300’s.  Some sprinty action for quick turnover!


Tuesday – 4.8 miles.  Speedwork, cut down workout!  This was an interesting workout.  It was also tough!  It consisted of a 1600m, 1200m, 1000m, 800m, 600m and 400m, each with 2 mins rest.  The pace was “Interval”, which was speedy.  I ran around my neighborhood, which made a nice circular track.  THRILLED to report I hit my paces.  Woot!!!


Wednesday – 2 miles.  Back at it with the Dave’s Pink Diva’s training group.  It was fartlek night!  Have I ever told you that I dislike fartleks??  I like having a goal pace to shoot for.  I challenged the person I ran with, and I think she appreciated that.  haha!


Here’s a random fun picture of the Jr High cross country meet…. how about that hill!  I love the crazy stuff that is on the XC course!


Thursday – “Easy” 5 miles.  Phew!  It was a sweaty “easy” run, that sure didn’t feel easy.  Maybe all of these speedwork days are making me really tired??  Oh, maybe it’s the humidity… those are sweat drips from my face on the driveway in this picture!


Friday – Long run, 11 miles.  This was mostly good.  Until around mile 7 when I was hoping to just be done.  My plan said 10 miles, but I had 11 miles in my head, so I dragged my butt around the neighborhood for my last mile and got it done.  Phew, it was a tough ending.  The sunrise was AMAZING though.  This picture does not do the super glow justice!


Saturday –  Rest day!  Biked for 10 miles around the campground, following the cross country runners at the meet.  Camping recap to follow later this week!

Sunday – 7.67 miles.  Speedwork!  I was stressing about this run all week.  The workout was 7 miles, with 2-6 alternating between half marathon pace, and threshold pace for each mile. My threshold pace seems a bit fast, so I feared not being able to hit these paces.  Luckily for me, the weather was chilly, and it made the paces seem easy (well, easy enough to succeed!).  I was right on pace.


I almost didn’t get this posted on Tuesday.  It’s been a busy week, and like I said, it’s only Tuesday!  But, I did go shopping with Sydney tonight and get her a dress and shoes for the homecoming dance, so that’s a huge win.  The rest of the week is gonna be a breeze compared to that 🙂


I’m so tired, I can’t even think of any questions for you!!  Tell me something you’re looking forward to this week.  Heck, it can even just be the weekend.

6 thoughts on “Training Tues – 9/25/18 Columbus half edition”
  1. The cut line for Boston will be announced Wednesday probably around noon. Glad this is one year I don’t have to stress out about it since I was able to register the first week but it will be interesting to see how high it goes. Conspiracy theorists on FB are wondering if Boston will change the standards for 2020 since they haven’t announced the start of 2020 qualifying. On a more personal note, I am going out to Colorado this weekend to try and climb my first 14K. Coming from sea level, this should be a challenge!

    1. I do have one friend that I know of who is waiting for the cut, so I’ll be checking that out! I sure hope they don’t change it for 2020, I have grand plans to return 🙂
      Just walking stairs at that elevation is sometimes a challenge for me!

    1. Ooof. 18 sounds really far. The 12 miles on my long run this week sounds really far!! Hope you have a great hill workout on Weds. 😉 … but wait, you didn’t mention “retirement” as the exciting thing happening this week?? woohoo!

    1. Honestly, I’d take a bone break/stress fracture over any sort of muscle/tendon issue! Those bones heal up, then you’re done with it. Other stuff just lingers on forever it seems 🙁 I hope those tips for your back help you. Back issues are no fun either!!
      I am looking forward to some days on my calendar with nothing planned!

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