My 9th Columbus marathon race is in the books!  Since 2010 I’ve been running this race, usually the half, but it was also the first place I ran a full marathon, and the first place I ran sub 4:00!  Just for reference, here’s my past results:

  • 2010 (half) 1:55
  • 2011 (full) 4:14
  • 2012 (full) 3:59
  • 2013 (half) 1:51
  • 2014 (half) 1:48
  • 2015 (half) 1:47
  • 2016 (half) 1:56
  • 2017 (half) 2:04

Last year was a real wakeup call for me.  I figured I could run a sub 2:00 half any day of the week.  Oh, I was wrong.  Granted, it was a warm year, but still, it didn’t happen!  Ever since I’ve been working back from my hamstring issues, it’s been a struggle to get a sub 2:00 half.  I’m happy to report, this was the race!!  (picture is all of the runners heading to the corrals in the early morning. Lots of hats and jackets…)


Originally my plan was to just get a sub 2:00 race.  I wanted to have a good training cycle, and finish strong.  Instead of trying to use my own “challenging” training plan, and getting bummed out that I couldn’t make the fast paces, I tried following along with Dave’s MIT plan, which I also sub coach for.  I gotta say – I really enjoyed it!  The plan had interesting, but attainable, speed workouts, and the rest of the days all had solid purposes and fit together well.

My finish time goal started to change a bit after a successful 10K last weekend.  Maybe I should expect more than just sub 2:00.  I started to think a time between 1:52 and 1:55 would be a really attainable goal.

Due to the fact that Alan is still injured, we decided to take the kids with us to the race.  Instead of driving into town from the outskirts on race morning, I figured staying downtown would just be a lot more enjoyable for everyone.  I have to admit – I can really get used to luxury of just being able to walk to the race in the morning!  That is living large 🙂

I met up with some Dave’s MIT friends for a photo at 6:00am.  This was only a small part of the MIT people running Columbus.  Other MIT runners were in Detroit for the marathon today.  I was actually early for our meetup!  (so unlike me!)  With 35 degree temps, and it being a bit windy (15 mph), everyone was dressed with gloves and hats.  I started to rethink my choice of wearing a skort.  There were not a lot of “legs” to be seen this morning!  (editors note, stuffing a skirt in my wide leg “lounge” pants is not a really attractive look.  haha!)


I dropped off my warm up clothes at bag drop and immediately started shivering.  Why didn’t I put my capris on??  The early plan was to run together with a friend.  She was running her 2nd half marathon, and was getting a bit nervous about her plan.  Ultimately she decided to run with the 1:50 pacer.  A bit too fast for me, so I just ran on my own.  Luckily Alan let me use his iPod Shuffle, because mine is on it’s death bed and was giving me grief on Saturday.  Yeah him!


I got to see the family cheering me on 3 times at the race.  That was really a great motivation for me.  I’m not used to anyone cheering me on.  Look at me, I’m so fast I’m a blur!! 🙂


Fun fact – I was using the Finish Time predictor on my Garmin Forerunner, and it actually didn’t stress me out!  Sometimes it would predict 1:49 finish when I was going fast, and then it dipped down to 1:55 in the slower miles.  In the end, it was really close to my finish time as far as I remember seeing it before I crossed the finish line.  I’d use it again!

My race was going pretty good.  Early on we get some downhill, and I was taking advantage of it.  Mile 1-6 splits: 8:24, 8:29, 8:21, 8:15, 8:18, 8:21

Then came the uphill.  I swear the whole mile was uphill: 8:42

Phew, that really took it out of me.  Miles 8-11  8:37, 8:31, 8:32, 8:39

By now I think my legs were barely functioning due to the cold weather.  OMG. It felt like an out of body experience where my legs were moving, but I felt like I wasn’t really controlling them!!  Oh capris, I miss you!

Uh oh, one more final uphill section: Miles 12-13 8:54, 8:49

A tiny sprint to the finish: .25 miles 8:16 . Photo credit to Alan… I love this picture!


Woohoo!  I’m super happy with this result!  Sure, I could have been stronger in the 2nd half, but I’ll take it!


The cold weather, combined with the wind, was actually a bit challenging.  I hadn’t planned on leaving my gloves/arm warmers/head band on the whole race, but I was super glad I had them!  I think I would have been more comfortable if the sun had been out, but since it was cloudy, I think I was under dressed.  At least my family had dressed appropriately!


I did meet up with my friends very shortly after I finished.  My friend didn’t quite get the 1:50 she was hoping for, but did get a 2 min PR.  Well done!


Even after taking a hot shower I must have still been shaking.  This picture did not turn out so good. haha!


In the afternoon we go to enjoy a great post-race lunch.  Good times, good food 🙂


That’s a wrap for my big races in 2018.  I am ending this year on a high note, and I hope I can keep rebuilding as I go into 2019.  Maybe 2019 will be the year I can tackle the full marathon again.  Maybe.


Q:  Have you ever really overdressed, or underdressed for a race?

Q: What do you think is the ideal temperature for racing?

4 thoughts on “Columbus half marathon recap – 2018”
  1. Congrats on a great race! Now you can build on that for the Glass City full and get that BQ! Heck, that is my goal as well. ha

    1. I was feeling pretty good post race. A few days of soreness – and then I decided to try a HIIT workout on YouTube on Friday. Lots of squats and jumping. Have felt like a truck ran me over ever since. LOL!! I should just stick to running. 😉

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