It seems fitting that my weekly recap by off by a day this week, because my whole schedule is off by a day!  Happy Columbus day, I got the day off work! (ps, I do know that Columbus was not a cool dude by any stretch of the imagination and did horrible things, so who knows how long we will have Columbus day in America, but for another year I got the day off work!)

I did have a list of things to be done on Monday (holiday), and a structured calendar of fun things I was doing, and also being productive – but then the kids (who still had school) had a 2 hour fog delay, and my parents needed emergency technical support on their iPhone… from there my day just burned out quick!

I did take an awesome long bike ride with Alan (26.5 miles) and nearly sweated to death because it was 85 degrees (oh, the drama!).  And we went out to lunch, so that was definitely the highlight of my Monday!

As for my workouts last week?  This is getting pretty repetitive for me to keep telling you that I had another stellar week!  At least it beats the sad, injury filled recaps from earlier this year.

I hit 40 miles this past week!  40 miles!!

This is what went down:

Monday – 4 miles, treadmill.  AKA, TV time!

Tuesday – 8 miles treadmill, speedwork.  This included warm up, and 8 x 800.  This workout sucked.  It downright was the suckiest workout I’ve had because I couldn’t hit the paces.  However, I am very aware now that my treadmill paces are always MUCH harder than running outside… so, I’m acknowledging that I got a very beneficial workout done, and we’ll end it at that!

Wednesday –  Rest!

Thursday – 5.15 miles.  A nice run around my neighborhood.   A bit humid today, and the “easy” miles always seem to feel not so easy!

Friday – 12 miles, long run.  Again, went over my plan mileage on this one, which said 10 miles.  But it was so awesome outside (chilly, low humidity) that I felt like going farther.  My friend laughed at me because she told me she wanted to run with me, but had to get to a 9:45am class at the gym and had to run 8 miles.  I laughed at her when I reported back that I got my 12 miles DONE before 9:00am. Boom!


What a beautiful sunrise I saw too!


Saturday – Rest!

Sunday –  10 miles and .8 miles.  My Sunday morning run went well!  It was a tempo run with one mile easy, then miles 2-9 at HMP.  I met that goal, and got a little faster on the way back. Woot!!  This workout was challenging apparently because my recovery time said 3.5 days!  wow.


When I got home, my son wanted to get donuts, so Heck Ya!  We ate donuts and watched Mo win the Chicago marathon.  Loved that finish!  More so, I loved how the elites just have an interview without even sounding out of breath just seconds after finishing the race.  I’m usually laying on the ground, moaning in pain after a marathon.  Just saying.


After I finished up I realized I was soooooooo close to having 40 miles this past week (39.3), I went out for a run in the afternoon.  Blerg.  I was reminded why I don’t usually run mid day, after lunch. My belly felt awful. It’s been awhile since I’ve been concerned with hitting a goal for the week, but that 40 miles just looked good!


That’s all I’ve got for now.  It’s taken me forever to write this post.  Busy day.  Busy days are good though…


Q:  How’s life with you these days?  Busy??

Q:  Did you watch the Chicago marathon?

Q:  Have you ever run the Chicago marathon??

11 thoughts on “Weekly workouts on Weds”
  1. I have run Chicago three times and I usually volunteer to work at my running club’s aid station, but as you aleardy know, I went to Ohio this past weekend. Got a recap today from a friend who ran it and he told me that as he was running he glanced to his left and realized he was running with Joanie Samuelson! How cool would that be! I booked an AirBnB today in Colorado for three weeks in November. Going out to do some house hunting, running at elevation, and hiking. Would love to try skiing but not doing anything to jeopardize Boston.

    1. Wow, so many fun things going on for you! I forgot you are in Chicago and missed the marathon. House hunting in Colorado?? So exciting! What area are you looking? Alan and I always thought we’d buy a condo in Colorado, and were event putting aside money for it, but I’m enjoying visiting all of the other ski locations out there instead. Colorado is a beautiful place to live for sure though!

      1. First winter the kids are both in college we are getting a Epic season pass and driving all over skiing everyplace we can!

  2. I have settled on an area just north of Denver going up I-25 towards Ft. Collins. Longmont is my first choice, but I also like Louisville and Lafayette. All are close to Boulder without having to pay Boulder prices. I will miss Chicago and my running club but the brutal winters and high taxes have just become too much and there are so many things to do and see in Colorado.

    1. Boulder real estate is crazy expensive! And so is anyplace near the ski areas in Summit County. I think I about fell over when I saw what homes go for in Vail. Ouch!

      1. I went on earlier this year and typed in “less than $500K” for a house and I got ZERO hits in Boulder. I just saw an article online today listing the most expensive cities in every state and Boulder was the top in Colorado. Prices are starting to come down a little now because the supply has outstripped the demand, but housing in Colorado in general is still high. At least houses are staying on the market for more than a day now and I have even seen some have to REDUCE the price to get them to sell.

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