You’ve heard me talk about enjoying a training plan, and keeping me in line (run more than is good for you??), well I just signed up for a fun training plan to keep me on track before my marathon training starts up.

Note:  yep, I said marathon training.  I’ve decided to give the full marathon a chance again in 2019 and will be running Glass City Marathon in April!  Training starts in January!

I wanted something structured to follow, with a purpose, and also keeping my fitness level up so I can go into my marathon training happy and injury free.  I found a plan that I think will be perfect!

The ladies over at Another Mother Runner has a virtual party going on from mid November through December.  It’s a fun focused plan which mixes running and cross training with strength training and just silly stuff to keep you fit, and entertained.


I don’t really need to motivation to get up and exercise, but I do like the schedule of having a plan and someone else telling me what my workout should be.

I like this plan structure because it’s just like the Dave’s Running training groups – except virtual (no meeting for group runs, which means I can run anytime I want to!).  You join a private Facebook group, a Strava group, and the best part – you get an email every week explaining what the workouts are.

I love a new training plan, but I love weekly emails even more!!

The best part – the $30 fee goes towards a charity of your choice  – there are three running related charities to choose from. I selected the Girls Thrive! charity, which focuses on empowering girls (kinda like Girls on the Run!).

I saw there was also an optional gift exchange at the end of the program.  I’ll need to put my thinking cap on!

Fun stuff, yes?  If you’d like to join, head over to the Train Like a Mother page to learn more about their plans.  Fun fact, the Train Like a Mother “Own It” plan was what I used to cut 20 mins off my marathon time in the early days!

And, in the month of Planksgiving, I’ve decided to try a plank challenge.  Last time I tried one I ended up with a sore back after a week, so we’ll see how far this gets me.  I thought maybe the variation of planks would do better for me.


I’m a little late starting out the month, but days 1 and 2 were done!


Side planks!!  yes, I am wearing the same clothes 2 day in a row.  Don’t judge 😉



Q:  Have you ever participated in a “fun” plan without training for a race?

Q:  Do you feel like you need motivation to exercise if you don’t have a race planned?

Q:  Planks??  Love them or hate them?

Actually, I wish it was a Crunch-a-thon.  I feel like crunches are the BEST ab exercise.  I like crunches way better than planks.




4 thoughts on “Back on a plan, and a planksgiving challenge”
    1. Hmmm, I would not have thought that the planks are better! I’m still team crunches 🙂 There is an 8 Min Abs video that I do, but not regularly, so when I do it, I’m sore for days! The good kind of sore. So far, no sore abs from my planking. But oddly sore upper back for the first few days!

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