Ah, Facebook Memories.  Thanks a lot for making me all sentimental about my kids getting older when this picture popped up on my timeline!!  Nothing like seeing this picture from 9 years ago to make me all “awwwwwww”. I just want to snuggle those two cuties endlessly!!


Fast forward to this year – still out having fun on Halloween.  And I’m glad they are!  (Soccer ref and 80’s Runner.  Recycling things found around our house this year!  LOL)


How did you spend your Halloween as a kid?  I remember planning my Halloween night for weeks!  What to wear. The *exact* route my friend and I would take to score the MOST candy.  And of course you knew who in the neighborhood had the reputation for giving out full size candy bars.  And also who made the questionable popcorn ball that probably was not going to get eaten because “you just never know when a razor blade is going to be hiding in one”.  Yikes!


How about showing up at someone’s house right after the door light goes out?  Oh sure, go ahead and keep knocking on the door. They might just decide to empty out the their candy dish in your bag because they don’t want all the candy in their house.  Score!!

What kind of bag did you take for your loot?  Like most kids from my era, we started with the cute little pumpkin containers.  Before long we were hauling around a pillow case!

One year we went to a friend’s aunt’s house who lived in a very populated neighborhood.  Yep, we were those kids that I currently complain about who are “shipped in” to our neighborhood!!  This year Alan and I passed out candy on the front porch and my Mom joined us.  We had a smoke machine set up and we spooked small kids as they unsuspectingly walked up to our door.  Bahaha!!


Sorry, not sorry – it’s fun to scare kids on Halloween!!


Remember sorting out all of your candy by type/make/popularity?  


What did your parents do with your candy?  I think we were allowed to eat it all. I don’t remember throwing any of it out.  At least I hope we didn’t! I’m the same way at our house. I really don’t think I’m setting my kids up for a life of obesity by letting them eat as much of their candy as they want.  Eater beware – if you get an upset stomach, it’s not MY fault! My kids are also allowed to keep their candy long after Halloween. They each have their bag of candy and continue to have a treat every now and then whenever they want.  I think they do a great job at allocating it, and most years it lasts into the next summer. Well, other than Twizzlers and Tootsie Rolls – those need to be eaten soon or they become hard as rocks!!


Tell me about your Halloween memories!


Q:  Did you get many kids visiting your house this year?

The crowds have definitely thinned out around our neighborhood as the original residents are getting older.  Everyone is growing up. Sigh.

Q:  What is your favorite candy?


Q:  Any candy you could do without?

Taffy.  Gummy stuff.  Not a fan of chocolate with coconut either!


4 thoughts on “Halloween memories”
  1. OMG so many full size candy bars! Is that normal for your hood? Very, very, nice! I think we have a couple kids “shipped in” to our neighborhood but I don’t mind. Some kids might not live somewhere that has sidewalks or is safe to walk, or even safe to knock on the neighbors’ doors. I’m glad they can still have a great Halloween. I love your kids’ athletic outfits! I actually don’t remember much from trick or treating. I do know for the first half hour, our parents drove us to houses of family/close friends that weren’t easy to walk to. Then we would go back into town and go to some houses. Oh, one time one of my mom’s friends forgot it was trick or treat so she gave me a watch! LOL!
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    1. Let’s just say that people in our neighborhood are much more generous than we are with the big candy bars! 🙂 It is fun to see what odd things show up in the treat bags, but I think this year it was pretty regular. We do have a lot of rural areas around us (farm land!), but the thing that bugs me is when you see a car pull up and bunch of kids jump out, and they hop back in within a few minutes. You can tell they are not from any where around our community, and that’s a bit annoying.

    1. We did take a trip to the Goodwill to find some things to put together, but didn’t find what we were looking for. My daughter was surprised they didn’t have any 80’s track suits. LOL. I think they got rid of those years ago!

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