Remember a few years ago when I met Matt Fitzgerald??  If not, the short story is that he ran the Glass City Marathon (which I was an Ambassador for), and was writing a book about running marathons across the country and was interviewing people at the races he ran.   He got in touch with me because of my blog and my connection with the race.


We met for a few hours, went for a run, and he interviewed me.  I honestly don’t remember much about what I said to him, but I do remember I was hungry for running Boston again at the time, dealing with limitations due to hamstring pains, and running longer distance than I do now!!

Since I’m friends with him on Facebook (yep, I’ve even texted him.  I’ve got all of the connections! haha), I saw this pop up in my feed this week.  


OMG, the book has been printed!!

This is just the copy for proofing, but it has a real cover, pages, and is even listed on Amazon for preorder.  You can order it here!

The book will release in March 2019.  I’m really curious what my chapter says!!  I really don’t have a great story when it comes to running … I haven’t lost weight, changed my health, won the Olympics, overcome obstacles…  but I do represent the everyday runner I think! I like to think I motivate a few of you out there, provide a few smiles, and show you that you should dream big!!  You never know what will happen.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to wait until my copy arrives in the mailbox.  Like I said, my part probably isn’t earth shattering and might just be a paragraph (“and then I met Lisa.  We ran a few miles, had a drink at Starbucks, and then I sent her on her way”. LOL!!!!)

I’ll give you a review when I see it!


Q:  Have you read any of Matt’s books?

I know “How bad do you want it” is one of the most popular books he has.

Q: Do you read books on a regular basis?

Q: Do you prefer paper books, or electronic books?

This will be the first book I will have read in YEARS.  Sad, right?


7 thoughts on “Life is a marathon”
  1. I have a couple of his books. Racing Weight and 80/20? I still enjoy reading a good book but I go in spurts. Binge read for a month and then nothing for several months. I am old and also old-school so I only read real paper books. I like to turn the pages, shove a bookmark in between pages when I’m done, and be able to look at the book on my nightstand and see how much I have left. I am staying in an Airbnb in Colorado and one wall of this guy’s carriage house is built-in book shelves full of books.

    1. I do prefer paper books. I think Alan has Racing Weight (I’ve never read it), but I always enjoy reading his articles in Runners World. Hope the house search is going well!

      1. Not a lot of inventory on the market now with Winter fast approaching. At least I am becoming more familiar with the area and getting some ideas. Running a 10K Turkey Trot tomorrow morning. Elevation is probably going to kill me but I’m just doing it for fun.

  2. You are too funny. Even if it does end up only being a paragraph, I can think of a million things to say about you! Lisa loves running and isn’t afraid to tackle a training plan. Lisa is a mother, wife, has a job, and still has time to commit to her running. Lisa gives back to the running community by volunteering at races. Lisa sets a healthy example for her children. Oh, and Lisa does love Starbucks!!!! 🙂
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Things Never to do Before I Die (Reverse Bucket List)My Profile

    1. You do know me well 😉 It will be interesting, no matter what. On his trip across the country he ran some interesting races. I think it was a marathon every weekend for 8 weeks? He had just run Boston prior to his stop at Glass City.

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