Oh sure, I had good intentions of working out a lot this past week…. but it just didn’t get done!  You see, I was on vacation and walking around an amusement park for hours and hours is plenty enough working out for me!  I did take my running clothes along, but it just never happened.  We spent Saturday – Wednesday last week at Universal Orlando.  It was a fun time!  I’ll write about that later.

What about Planksgiving??  Well, that didn’t get done much either because, ewwww, who wants to plank on a hotel floor?  Not me.

I did get to workout on Thursday – the family turkey trot.  Always a good time.


Friday’s run from Another Mother Runner’s Stride Into the Holiday plan involved “fancy pants”.  I actually do own something other than black tights!


Saturday I run on the treadmill for 9 miles because I didn’t like the looks of the weather outside.  Trust me, it was really dreary and cold!  TV time was more enjoyable for me!


And then came Sunday.  It’s the one workout I nailed – it said “Rest and Nap”.  For real, my plan said “Nap”.  I almost missed the nap, but at 4:30 I gladly laid down and snoozed for a half hour.  It was a blessing because I started getting sick Sunday morning.  My throat was sore, my nose was clogged and I was feeling run down.   Blah.  On a good note, we got a new Christmas tree!


It’s beautiful!!  You can pick white lights or colored with the click of a button.  Sweet!!


Does anyone else suffer from nasal issues after they dust??  Every year it’s the same thing – put up the Christmas decorations around the house, which involves moving dusty items on my shelves, and I come down with nasal yuck for a few days.  Bummer.  Hopefully I’ll be up and at ’em in a few days.


Q:  Nasal issues from dust??

Q:  Did you decorate for Christmas yet?

Q:  Have you ever been to Universal Orlando?

6 thoughts on “Not quite doing anything Tuesday!”
    1. Yep, trying to avoid a break in at our house! Did I ever mention our house got robbed when we first built it and we were on vacation?? We were one of the only houses in the subdivision at the time. A target for robbing. Apparently that’s a thing with some construction workers

  1. Your tree is really beautiful! We have ours up but no lights or ornaments on it. I guess I should work on that tonight.

    I love the cardio machines at the gym because I can watch TV on them. I get sucked into shows on Netflix when I’m on the Elliptical or Stair Climber, and it sure beats running alone.

    1. Usually we knock out the decorating in a day and a half. This year, it dragged on and it took several days. We still have to finish the lights outside. On Sunday when we put some of them up it was 50 degrees! Now it’s snowy and 29. We clearly waited too long!!

  2. I love that your tree can be white lights or colored lights! We used to do real trees and then we drank the fake tree coolade. We haven’t gone back since!

    Thanks for linking!

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