Well, it’s looks like my blog is live again!  Even though switching hosting providers was a major stressor at first, it was actually quite easy!

After my first failed attempt, I did some research and have learned quite a bit about the structure of WordPress installs and how they work.  I still have no clue on how to program anything in WordPress, but I’m now confident I could reinstall/migrate my blog again with ease!  The whole process was a great learning experience.

And it helps that websites like this have super detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.  Thanks to everyone who does that kind of stuff for others to benefit from!

Please let me know if anything looks odd.  I haven’t done a thorough check of everything, but I was happy to see pictures and comments 😉

Other awesome things that happened today:

  • All the traffic lights were green and I made it to work, on time, in 6 minutes flat!!
  • I got to play a fun game at work.  It was for a “service school” recording, and I lost the game… but it was fun to play!
  • I got a free rental code from Redbox.  Winning!!
  • I negotiated a raise in my 2019 self employment contract.  It was a tiny raise, but let’s celebrate the little things! 🙂
  • I’m getting a new iPhone soon.  YAHOO!!!!

That’s it for now.

Tell me…

Q:  What movie would you rent, or like to go see if you had a free ticket today?

My rental will be Mission Impossible:  Fallout

Q:  Was your day good today?  Any unexpected awesome things happen??

2 thoughts on “All systems go?”
  1. I would like to see A Star Is Born. I saw Bohemian Rhapsody recently but wasn’t impressed. The only unexpected thing today was definitely not awesome. Came home to find a power outage so my garage door opener doesn’t work. I don’t carry a house key so now I am locked out! Hanging out at Starbucks until the power is restored.

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