One more time! After a frustrating week or so with new provider #1, I searched out a new hosting provider and switched yet again. As far as I’m concerned, new provider #2 will be my final resting place for the next 3 years. Hope it all goes well!! No one needs the stress of website not working. I spent several days of looking at this on my phone. Ugh.

I’ll be posting more later when I get the new site tweaked, but until then, hope you are enjoying your weekend. We spent time yesterday looking for last minute gifts and finally wrapping. What a relief to get that done! I’ve got more treats to bake today. Yummmmmm!

Look at the expression on Luna’s face. She can’t wait to jump on the freshly cut wrapping paper! Does anyone else have a cat who attacks the wrapping paper?? It makes for a challenging task.

Have a good one! Thanks for stopping by… real content to come soon 🙂

Q: Do you have any last minute shopping going on?

Q: Did you receive all of your online orders, if you had any?

I didn’t!! My gifts are still pending.. Dec 24 and Dec 27th delivers planned. Oops.

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