If you’re reading this post, that means my blog is up!  I know, not exciting news for you, but exciting for me because I’m in the process of switching my blog hosting.  I got a good deal on a hosting plan 3 years ago, but on Dec. 31st my plan will renew.  While I love my little blog, $250 is more than I’m willing to shell out, because you know, I get no money from my blog!  (PS, I am certainly willing to have some paid advertisers.  Hit me up!!)

So, I found a hosting site that was just within my budget… 8 cents a month!  Yes, that’s correct.  For $38 they will host it for 4 more years.  That’s where the challenge comes in – migrating my blog over without loosing my stuff.

I’ve been writing this blog since 2014 (see my first blog post here!) when I first started my Boston marathon training, and no one read my blog.  This is my 602nd blog post!  Thanks to all 3 of you that read my blog now.  haha!  4 years is lot of stuff.  Lots, and in some cases, more than some of the free migration tools will support.

But I’m tenacious, if nothing else, so I’ll get this to work one way or another.  In the meantime, don’t worry if you see my blog going up and down.  It’s all part of the process 🙂

Hope you are all having a good week, and I’ll get back to posting again when the dust settles!

Q:  My blogging friends, do you have free hosting, or paid?

Do tell, share some info with me! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Hosting fun!”
  1. I have a question… while obviously $38 for 4 years is a STEAL, what is wrong with blogspot, which is what I use, which is FREE?

    (Note: I am totally expecting you to school me on why something other than blogspot is better. I am not techy at all and I legitimately want to learn and know the reasons!)
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekend Wrap Up!My Profile

    1. I do actually still have a Blogger account, which is where my first blog is. But I wanted more tools and different layouts so I switched over to a WordPress format. There is a free WordPress site, but it didn’t have the features I wanted (which I can’t remember what they are anymore!!).

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