I had a test a few weeks ago, and I passed!! What test? A colonoscopy 🙂 Since I turned 50 this year, it was time for me to get tested. A lot of people put this test off, but not me. I’m all about proactive health care and using my insurance benefits! This test is fully covered BTW, even with my cheap insurance.

I just thought I would write a recap so you would feel comfortable when it’s your turn to have it done. It seems kinda scary, or an odd thing to talk about, but it’s really no big deal!!

It does require several days of diet modification.  I was not excited about that because it’s “low fiber”.  Pretty much everything I eat fell into the “avoid” category, so I had to get creative.  You know, no chips at Taco Tuesday, and no lettuce.  Pretty lame 🙁  (but I still had a margarita!)

One day before my test (Thursday) was a liquid diet, also allowing Jello.  You must avoid anything with red or blue dye (orange and purple included), so lemon or lime Jello.  I was dreading this day because I have issues with low blood sugar.  I haven’t had any low blood sugar issues in a long time, but that’s because I’m always snacking or have a snack with me, just in case.  My “breakfast” was a glass of apple juice.  I quickly found out that wasn’t quite enough, so I also had my first Jello.  110 calories for breakfast is not going to cut it!

As the day progressed I also had Gatorade, and some delicious chicken broth for lunch.  For real, that broth was delicious (compared to all of the sweet drinks I was having).  I pretty much did a lot of sitting around the house, being lethargic… I mean, relaxing.  And reading my medical instructions over and over to make sure I got it all right!

At 2pm my mind was taken off the lack of food issue – it was time for the first “prep meds”… laxative pills!  These were honestly the worst part because within two bathroom trips, anything solid left over from the week was gone.  Enough said.  I guess not everyone gets those pills prescribed from their doctor, but mine said it “kick starts” everything.  So true.

The rest of the afternoon was fine, and at 5pm, the real colonoscopy prep medicine starts.  I was given Suprep which is one of the concentrated liquids.  The medicine is 16 oz, and then you have to drink 2 more 16 oz drinks right after that!  yep, 48 oz of liquids.  Oof.  Within about 30 mins the medicine does it’s job and from there on out, I made about 6 trips to the bathroom.  I’ll just put it this way – at this point there was nothing solid left, so it’s really just an evacuation of liquids, through your colon.   I was not expecting that!  Luckily there was not stomach pain, like you might think of with diarrhea, it was just very immediately needing to go to the bathroom.  Super immediate!

By 8 pm I was feeling fine and joined the family for some TV watching.  I went to bed around 10:30pm and slept soundly until almost 3am.  Surprisingly, I actually woke up on my own a few minutes before I had to take the 2nd dose of Suprep.  The final dose had the same directions and by 4:30am I finished all of the liquids.  It was mostly inconvenient because you really just want to go back to sleep, but by the time you get all comfy on the couch, it’s time for another bathroom trip!  By 5am I fell back into a deep sleep.  Such a good sleep that I had a dream that I ate a cheeseburger, and then cried because it was going to ruin my colonoscopy prep!!!!  LOL

By 7:30am we went to the Dr’s office and got prepped for the test. 

Around 8:45am I was wheeled off to the procedure room.  I remember the doctor telling me they were going to give me the anesthesia, and immediately things went hazy.  I also remember some things during the test, and feeling a bit weird (not pain) and the Dr told me they were almost done.  They wheeled me back to recovery and Alan joined me.

We went to straight to McDonalds and I scarfed down an egg McMuffin and iced coffee.  Then I slept from 10am – 1pm.  Ahhhhh, such great sleep!! I even went out for a 4 mile run in the afternoon. No stomach issues whatsoever after my test.

This is where it gets funny….. Later in the day I told Alan that I was awake for most of the procedure.  I asked Alan if my doctor had talked to him after the test.

Alan:  “Ah yes, you were there Lisa.  He had a conversation with both of us!!”

Huh?  I do remember hearing the results, but not the actual conversation.  Then I was looking at the pictures on Alan’s phone.

Me:  “Oh cool, you took a picture of me afterwards!”

Alan:  “You told me to take that picture!!”

OMG, I have absolutely no recollection of me asking Alan to take a picture! In fact, the part that I really only remember was the nurse telling Alan to get the car, and her telling me to make sure I sat on a chair when I put my shoes back on.  LOL!!!  Clearly I was not awake for any part of my colonoscopy.  That test was NO BIG DEAL.  I think it’s pretty funny that I can’t remember any parts of it! And I passed.  I don’t have to get another colonoscopy for 10 years.  Hooray!  I’m so happy to be eating my normal foods again.

Interesting detail:  by the end of my 4 days of low fiber eating, I had gained several pounds (more than I have weighed in a long time) and in the 24 hours of test prep I lost 4.5 pounds (taking me back down to normal)!  Wow!

Q: Have you ever had a colonoscopy?

Q: Have you ever avoided a medical test because you were afraid?

6 thoughts on “I passed the test!!”
  1. Pretty funny how you don’t remember most of the things after the procedure! ha And great that you don’t have to get it done for 10 years, I go back in 4. Booooo!

  2. Congratulations on passing your test! The test prep sounds like the worst part of it, honestly! Do they always schedule colonoscopies for the morning so that people don’t die of hunger? I never had a colonoscopy, but if I had one, I feel like I would have to take off work the day of the prep. I don’t think I would be able to get through a whole day of teaching without eating. I poop sooooooooooooo much I wonder what would happen if I actually took laxatives. I feel like I would end up pooping out all of my internal organs.

    1. I thought they all did tests in the morning, but my coworker just had one done and it was at 4pm! That meant liquids all the previous day. She was at work most of the day, but then went home for the first prep meds, around 4pm. She had to take her 2nd meds at 9am on test day, but then you aren’t supposed to have any liquids or foods for 4 hours before the procedure – so that would have been a rough day for me! I’m glad I had an early appointment.
      I think people are concerned mostly about spending the day in the bathroom, but for me I was more concerned with the lack of calories! It was surprising for me that I was able to be so strict with my food and water, because I needed to. I really didn’t want to mess up my prep and have to do it again! Going on a “diet” just doesn’t work for me because it makes me very unhappy being so restricted. But when I needed to pay attention, I was able to- because it was for such a short period of time. I’ll tell you one thing – it’s very shocking “pooping” clear liquids! WTF? 😉 That’s how you know you’re all cleaned out!

  3. Congratulations on passing this test! Medical tests are definitely ones ya don’t want to fail. Also, you did a great job of explaining the prep and procedure and if I had to have one anytime soon, your post would definitely ease my stress about it. It sounds like the day before is worse than the actual test anyway, and at least you only had to modify your diet for a few days. Sure that’s hard, but it’s worth it to catch anything like polyps or cancer, and I’m glad you don’t have to have another for 10 years!
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    1. I was very happy to hear I got the 10 year pass. Woohoo! There is a non evasive test that can be taken (from stool sample) but if any polyps are detected, they would have to do the colonoscopy anyways so it seems to be the better choice in my opinion.

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