If you celebrate, I hope you had a great Christmas! Our family had a great holiday. Things sure are different when your kids are teenagers compared to little kids, but they still like to get up early. 7am seemed really early, although in the past our kids were trying to wake us up around 6am! Too soon! Too soon!! You’ve seen holiday PJ pictures, but how about holiday race shirts? 🙂

Before I tell you about a few holiday workouts I had, I have to share the most precious gift my kids gave me. First of all, you have to know that Sydney is quite the crafter and every year she makes us a gift. She always comes up with great ideas which really surprise me, but this year was the best. One of the reasons this gift was so special for me was because a few days before Christmas I was feeling a little disappointed that I had forgotten to make the kids a photo book this year. I have made them photo books (Shutterfly kind of thing) of our travels for many years now, but never got around to making one this year. I’m not sure how, but the idea just totally slipped my mind! So imagine my surprise when I opened up this beautiful photo album the kids had made for us!

Each page was a day on our trip out West. During our trip back in June I had the kids keep a journal so they would be creating a souvenir from the trip. The kids looked back at their journals to make this album and put some funny details in. Like on Day 8 when Sydney wrote about an 8 mile hike in Bryce: “Did I mention we ran out of water with a mile left? I’m honestly surprised I’m still alive!”

On the days that we were only driving in the truck, they filled the pages with extra pictures they thought were special. Well done! I will cherish this gift.

Did you get any running gear? I got a Noxgear vest. Do people use them where you live? They are quite the hit around our town. No worries about getting hit by a car in the dark now! So I guess now I have no excuse to get outside and run in the dark more 🙂

I also got some cycling jerseys and a tank top. These are from Primal. They have some really unique designs!

I hope your holiday was special too!

Q: Did you exchange any gifts on Christmas day?

Q: Was it a white Christmas at your house?

Nope, no snow for us 🙁

Q: Are you tired of hearing Christmas songs yet??

I’m still good with them. For another week or so….

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and the best gift”
  1. Good job Sydney!! What a perfect gift, I know you will cherish it forever. Gifts people make are the best. When my dad turned 50, I made him a book like that with pictures and I listed 50 reasons he’s the best dad in the world. I put in pictures from childhood, etc. It was a hit!

    I really like that vest! Much nicer than my bright yellow mesh one hahaha. I did not get any running gear, but I got the under armour gym bag I wanted (I look 20% more fit just carrying it) and I 15lb cast iron kettle bell!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Tour de Sushi!My Profile

    1. She did a great job – she even collaborated with Zach and he wrote half of it! That sounds like a great gift for your Dad too. Very thoughtful!! I love that kind of stuff.
      I know what you mean about the gym bag. I see some really nice ones at the gym. Mine is “functional” 😉

  2. Oh my! I am very impressed. Not sure what impressed me most- that you guys did an 8 hour hike when you were out west or that photo album/ scrapbook that both of your kids did for you. How incredibly special. Please tell them they have made an Internet stranger proud of them (unless that sounds creepy, lol. I promise I’m just a (fairly) normal mom!!). It actually snowed a little bit on Christmas- not much and it didn’t stick. It was still kind of neat to see :).

    1. Thanks!!! 🙂 They will be happy to hear you liked it – I’ve been showing it off at work today too! It’s stirring up my wanderlust. I have to get planning another road trip in our camper. I’m thinking maybe even a little farther west, but spending more time at each spot. Lots of research to do!
      oh – it was a 8 mile hike, but, it did take 4 1/2 hours and then we went for another 4 miles (2 1/2 more hours) in the afternoon! Yep, we hiked our legs off every day that we could!!

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