Happy Tuesday!  One more week until Christmas!!  This past week has flown by, but yet also seemed like the longest week ever.  I don’t know why! I’ve had a bunch of stuff to chat about on my blog, but just haven’t had the time to do it.  Around my house this weekend it has been Operation Get The Christmas Stuff Done for me!! Primarily Christmas cards, and calendars.  I realized that any cards that I ordered (affordable, aka cheap) would NOT be arriving anytime prior to Christmas, so I just printed off some photo cards at Walgreens.  I love the design, but the quality of the printing is not the same as Shutterfly or other cardstock cards. But hey, they are all out in the mail, and one less thing for me to stress about!

As for the calendars, I make photo calendars.  I make one for my Mom, a desk calendar for Alan, and another calendar that our family uses.  It’s a ton of work, but a labor of love because I really enjoy going through all of our pictures at the end of the year and reflecting on the good times we’ve had. As of 10:45pm last night, all calendars are ordered.  Woohoo!!

And I ran this past week.  24.5 miles to be exact. Not 25?  Eh, no biggie.

Here’s my week of workouts…

Monday – 4.1 miles, Treadmill.  Happy Monday morning! I’ve finally finished watching Big Brother!!  I was very happy with the winner.  I really liked the show and will be adding it to my show rotation.  Thanks Meg for that suggestion! 🙂

Tuesday – Strength training day.  I followed along with the circuit in my Another Mother Runner training plan.  Was supposed to do cross training if you had time, but I just never got around to it!

Wednesday – 3.3 miles, TM + circuit.  Today’s workout was “Rudolph’s Nose”, because you’d be red just like his nose after this workout.  I was!! The workout was 3 rounds of running, mixed with lunges, jumping jacks and squats. I really liked it.  It was a nice mixup from the normal running routine.

Thursday – 3.1 miles.  I ventured outside today to check out the neighborhood lights.  This house is my favorite.  I will really miss the lights when January arrives.

Friday – 5 miles.  My workout challenge was to make some sort of GPS drawing on my run.  I did some thinking on this one, and came up with a snowman! Not only did I nail it, I also won the weekly contest with it in our Stride into the Holidays training group.  Woot!!!

At night I did something new… I went to a Pure Barre class!  One of our Run Toledo Ambassadors is an instructor there, and she gave a class just for us ambassadors.   I didn’t know what to expect, but it was everything I expected, and nothing like I expected all in one. It was a hard workout.  “small movements to the point of exhaustion”. Oh man, my legs were shaking!!! But it was also fast paced and sometimes hard to keep up with (because I’m a newbie).  In the end, it really kicked my butt. Figuratively and literally! I see why so many people love Pure Barre.

Saturday – 9 miles.  Long run day. I took one look outside, and felt it was dreary and sad, so I just ran on the my treadmill.  Watched a movie, enjoyed the comfort of my basement.   Fun thing of the day – we went out to dinner.  I wore my new favorite holiday sweater.  I had a big laugh when I saw this picture of me… is the girl behind me wearing the same sweater??? What the heck!

Sunday – Rest day!!  It was labeled “Rest and Purge” on my training plan, and my purge consisted of taking tons of stuff out of my old office at work.  Amazing the amount of cleaning energy one can have at 7am on a Sunday.  My car had computers and paper stuffed in every door.  Now, time to sort it all out!

I’m still trying to see if this new hosting company is working for me.  So if you visit my site and it doesn’t load, please let me know.  It seems to be going to sleep sometimes or something!  Not cool.

Q:  Have you ever taken a barre class?   How did you like it?

Q:  Do you make any photo gifts?

Q:  Have you ever drawn anything on your GPS route?

I did write “LOVE” one time, but other than that, this is my first!

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