We try to pack in some fun family activities during school breaks.  Bonus points if they are free!  One of our favorite places to go during the winter months is the Toledo Museum of Art.  At the time they were having special later hours, and family activities going on.  The draw for me was a free entry to an exhibit that looked quite intriguing.  This exhibit is made up of thousands of flowers and plants from Northwest Ohio hung from the ceilings.  It’s quite a sight! The artist is Rebecca Louise Law.

Kudos to my photographer Sydney for catching the right shot and angle!

It was quite mesmerizing to walk through the exhibit.

Funny thing about the art museum is that I always end up getting in trouble for something.  

Last year I had a date night with my son and my selfie stick was confiscated!  For real!!

On this visit, I was scolded for standing too close to the art.  Apparently I’m supposed to stay two feet away!  I swear I was only standing in front of this, with my hands in my pockets, not trying to touch anything.  I would never touch anything!

Later, we were just minding our own business and a worker stopped me.

“Are you chewing gum?”

“No.”  Then I looked at my son.  Oops.

“No gum is allowed in the galleries.”

Luckily I had a tissue to put it in.  So busted!

Despite getting in trouble, it was a fun and cultural evening.  If they offer gallery tours at your museum, you should give it a try.  The background story on the art is quite interesting!

Q: When was the last time you went to an art museum?

Q: Have you ever taken a class at the museum?

I’d love to take a glass blowing class someday!

Q: Do you own a selfie stick??

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