Combine two of my favorites – running and donuts – and you get an epic combo!  Well, maybe others felt differently, but it does result in a fun event. 🙂

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We participated in our 4th Donut Dash, an event put on by the Toledo Roadrunners.  The best part about this race? It’s a free event for club members!

You had two options – run 4 miles as a prediction race.  OR, run those 4 miles AND eat 4 donuts. The later is the Crazy Eight Challenge and that’s what Alan and I did again.

Even though it snowed the night before, which made parts of the course a little slow to run through, it wasn’t slippery and it was almost 30 degrees.  Unheard of! The past years have been downright frigid and blustery.

In fact, the first year I ran this event, I gave up after the 2nd mile.  Except at that event the stakes were doubled – we had to eat TWO donuts at each mile stop.  The donuts were freaking huge too! So I consider it a win that I made it two miles (out of four) and ate 4 big donuts (out of 8 that year).  It was just too cold and it took too long to eat the donuts.

I feel like I’ve really improved my donut eating skills too.  I wasn’t the last one standing there still chewing when the other people took off.  In an unexpected twist of fate, we also got some chococolate donuts mixed into our selections.  I think alternating the chocolate donuts was a nice treat.

Our finish time was 45:46. Not bad!

True confession: after we finished, after I ran an extra 1/2 mile to get my mileage for the day, I went inside and had ANOTHER donut.  This donut was the really good kind that I like. Yummmm.

Here’s some funny, and totally terrible looking pictures of me.  I can post them here because everyone on Facebook has already seen them.   There’s no hiding from these.

Just goes to show you that race pictures can always be bad, even when you’re not even running.  Yikes.

Q: Did you get hit with the winter storm this weekend??

Lots of snow for us!!!

Q: Have you ever participated in an eating contest?

Q: Do you wear mittens or gloves?

6 thoughts on “Donut Dash 2019”
  1. Just came in from shoveling my driveway. Looks like we got maybe 6″ overnight. Glad I got my long run done yesterday so I don’t have to leave the house today. Tomorrow the bottom drops out of the temperature so I may be at the gym on the treadmill or track. I draw the line at running in single digits. Never participated in an eating contest although donuts sound good right now. I usually wear gloves when the temps are in the 30s, but once they slide into the 20s, I need mittens. My hands do not warm up like most of my friends. I have even borrowed their sweaty gloves when they start stripping them off during a run and then layer them over mine!

    1. We were skiing today, with a feels like temp of -11, but it really didn’t feel that cold. Good ski gear really helps you enjoy the cold weather! But running – I would have stayed inside I’m sure. Did your house hunting go well in Colorado?

      1. Not much to choose from in the housing market this time of year but I did find a good realtor and I am looking forward to more listings in the Spring. Going back out there after Boston to look some more.

  2. Omg Lisa! How did you eat all those donuts???? Some look like the light fluffy ones, but some look like the dense, cake ones! I would never do a race that required eating but I would do a drinking one! I once ran in the bitter cold while I was drunk on scotch and it was the most invigorating run I ever had!

  3. I don’t think my GI tract could handle running after eating donuts! It’s so sensitive and annoying.

    To answer your questions: We had 10.5-inches of snow overnight from the 12th to the 13th, but not last weekend, I have not participated in any sort of eating contest, and I have to wear mittens over my gloves if the temps are below 40°. I may be in shorts and short sleeves, but my fingers are still freezing! 😉
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…2019 New Day New Year 5K Race RecapMy Profile

    1. I usually don’t eat before I run, and I didn’t for the donut run either… and oh man, I was so hungry by the time the race started!! Luckily I didn’t have any stomach issues, which is kind of surprising.

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