I wish I could give you all a cool blog ornament, but I only had one… so, here it goes! Rafflecopter has selected Debbie @ Deb Runs as the winner! Congrats! Thanks to all that entered.

Hopefully she will be able to find this when the Christmas season rolls around again. I have a bad habit of putting things some place and then forgetting where they are!! DOH.

I have to share a big event that happened around our house this past weekend – my daughter got her temporary driving permit!! [eek!]

We haven’t actually gone out driving yet, and I’m not pushing for it. We’ll practice driving when she’s ready. In the meantime, rest assured that she knows the rules of the road for when that time arrives 🙂

Also, we just finalized a camping trip for the summer. We’re heading to the Great Smoky Mountains! This is a picture that was recently taken there. Bears!!! No worries, we have a camper, not a tent. We should be safe.

I don’t know much about the area, but I know we’ll be hiking a lot. It will be a fun adventure! I can’t wait!

Q: Do you remember getting your temps? Were you excited about driving, or a bit more cautious?

Q: What was your first car??

Ford Pinto for me (shared with my brother), and then I got a AMC Gremlin. I cringed when I searched for pictures of one. Oh my, beautiful!!! Mine was blue.

8 thoughts on “Giveaway winner, car chat, and camping”
  1. Of course, when I got my temp permit it was the year of Woodstock and there was no such thing as social media or smartphones or even a hint of the internet. My first car was a 1966 Pontiac GTO with a four speed transmission. How many millennials even know what a clutch is or how to use it?

    1. The GTO was big! We have a Mustang convertible with a stick shift, but it’s been awhile since I’ve driven it. I think I still remember…. maybe! So few cars have them these days.

  2. That ornament is so cute and I’m so bummed I missed the giveaway.

    Your daughter looks so big in this picture! I didn’t need a temp in my country to learn how to drive (crazy I know). So my Dad taught me when I was 12, and then I started driving by myself when I was 18. I remember my first car was a Mazda Allegro. It was one that I shared with my mom.

    My in-laws went to Smoky Mountains last year and they said it was absolutely gorgeous. Hope you enjoy your trip this summer!

    1. We didn’t have any Allegros in the US, but from Googling it, Allegros look like a nice, sensible car 🙂 A good first car! Wow, you learned to drive early!

    1. Google Maps says 8 hour drive for us, but with the camper it’s probably closer to 10 hours! Still, closer than out West.
      Crazy indeed that Sydney is old enough to learn how to drive. Did I blink??

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