Week 2 is done!  This was a week of testing the waters because I saw I had 4 days of running consecutively scheduled.  No more than 3 days in a row has been my thing, so this was a good test to see how I felt. My week turned out much different than planned!

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Monday – 5 easy miles treadmill.  That 5:30am alarm was a bit of a rude awakening after not getting up prior to 7am for the last 10 days, but I did it!  I was also a bit stiff from my PiYo and gym workout on Sunday, but this run loosened things up immensely. Thank you treadmill!

Tuesday – 5.25, fartleks, treadmill.  My least favorite speedwork: fartleks.  I don’t like “random” paces. That being said, I guess I did good on this workout because it’s just “whatever”!  So yep, did it. 10 mins warm up, 7 times of 3 mins on (faster), 1 min off (running recovery). I was excited about my “on” pace until I realized it was pretty close to my actual marathon pace!  DOH! It was faster than the recovery pace, so it’s still a win in my book. It was a very sweaty workout!

Wednesday – 5 easy miles, treadmill.  I have forgotten how exhausting marathon training is, and it’s only week 2.  Phew. Maybe it’s the getting up at 5:30am every day part that’s truly exhausting, but that’s my thing.  Do it first thing, bask in the glory of being done all day 🙂 After a stiff start for the first few minutes, this run was quite nice.  And I watched the first episode of The Bachelor, before it was on my DVR for a month. I call that winning!

Thursday – 8 miles speedwork/long run.  This was a bit of a mash up due to my poor math skills.  I turned around later than I thought I should, and my mileage was not 6 miles, but closer to 7.5. At that point I figured I should just make it 8 miles and it would double as a long run too.  I like to keep my options open, in case I wasn’t up for a long run on Saturday. As for the speedwork – it was miles 2-5 at race pace. Did that, but it felt harder than it should have (I think!).

Friday – 3.25 miles. Ended up going to the park and running a few miles on the trails with Alan. He’s still easing back into running, so we kept it nice and easy for him.

We enjoyed some yummy breakfast afterwards. yummmmmm

Saturday – 8 miles, long run. I was going to sub coach in the Dave’s training group, but that didn’t work out, so I just ran around my neighborhood. I ended up running with my neighbor for a bit, so that was a nice change!

Sunday – 4.5 more miles!! Was supposed to be a rest day, but went to the Toledo Roadrunners Donut Dash run. We participated in the Crazy Eight Challenge again, which was running 4 miles and eating 4 donuts. One donut at each mile. Apparently eating donuts is my thing, because Alan said I made it look easy 😉 I’ll recap that race later this week.

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Hoping week 3 of training will be less tiring!! Maybe I’ll get accustom to all of the running again.

Q: Is anyone watching The Bachelor this season?

I’ll try to keep it up, but it’s a lot of TV time!

Q: Do you like breakfast sandwiches on bagels or english muffins?

16 thoughts on “Training Recap – Glass City marathon, week 2”
    1. I do love bagels with cream cheese!! Whenever we get a bag brought into the office I always look for the salt bagels. Those are so good. The flavored cream cheese is quite a treat too! That was the first time I’ve had a Chick-Fil-A breakfast sandwich and it was really good. The bagel was thin, which made it easy to eat. Five stars!!

  1. What a cute ornament! And I love the purple of your coat.
    Team bagels, or hard rolls. Never english muffins unless it’s a smoked salmon benedict

    1. I actually do prefer an English muffin for a sandwich, thinking they are softer than bagels, but this bagel was just perfect and a bit slim. Good thinking on that design!

    1. For the fast pace I just bump up the speed to something that feels challenging. A great tip – you can program a workout on your Garmin watch to trigger the time on and off. Mine won’t show correct paces or mileage on the treadmill, but it takes the thinking out of the time intervals!

  2. Great week of workouts! My husband is from Toledo so I always eye the Glass City Marathon. You’re off to a strong start. Yum on all the breakfast options!

    1. You should come run Glass City! I’m the head of the course marking committee, so I get very familiar with the course. We draw all of the arrows on the street!

  3. Great mileage, and it’s only week 2? ((gulp)) 😉 You’re a trooper for doing so many of those on the treadmill. I’m not a ‘mill fan, but I don’t mind doing intervals (like the fartleks) on it because it breaks up the monotony. That said, I have walked on the ‘mill a lot this winter, but I cannot remember the last time I actually ran on it….

    1. I ended up adding on more miles because I didn’t want to miss out on a run with my husband, and the donuts. I should be more on track this week!
      I run a ton of miles on my treadmill. I love it!

  4. That’s a lot of running. I try to run 4 days a week no more. Sometimes only 3. I’m older than you LOL

    Conservative mileage I think has keep me injury-free.
    But is there was donuts, I may change my tune.

    Good luck with your training.

    I eat a bagel everyday as a mi-morning snack – just plain. If it’s a meal, then I’ll add butter or cream cheese.

    1. I hear ya – 5 days a week is a good place for me. 7 days is crazy for me! Later in my plan it said 6 days of running. I might need to cross train on one of those days instead. Injuries are always around the corner from too much running!!

    1. I have those Jimmy Dean sausage Delights breakfast sandwiches often. I grab one as I run out the door to work, after I’ve spent my morning running on the treadmill! Super handy (and yummy!).

  5. You had a great week! The park with the boardwalk looks pretty. There is a section of the AT near my house that has a boardwalk like that. When it’s rainy, I’m always scared I will slip though!

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