I’m happy to announce that I’m the committee head for the Glass City Marathon course marking crew again!  Last year was my first year marking the course, and I learned a lot. Mostly that the rain sucks and it washes away all of my turn arrows.  Ugh!!

But luckily I had the help of a great team and we got the task completed on time.  No runners will be getting lost on my watch!!

We had our first meeting for the marathon, which was an overview of what groups are involved, which tasks will be done and best of all – swag preview!!

My task won’t physically start until March, because we need to wait until after the winter thaw to spray the mile markers, but reviewing the course will be happening prior to that.

During the meeting we passed around the medals for 2019.  I liked them when I saw a picture of them, but when I actually held them, I *really* liked them.  And they are big… and sparkly!! (don’t worry guys, they’re not a girly kind of sparkly 🙂 )

Here’s a preview of the medals for each event…

Savage 5K (Savage and Associates)

Owens Corning half marathon

Mercy Health full marathon (I’ll be getting this one!!)

And finally, the Yark Subaru 5- person relay medal.  This one was my favorite due to the blue “stained glass” sections.  I don’t have plans right now to run the relay this year, but who knows, maybe I can find a way to make it work because it was great to incorporate my kids into our team the past two years.

As much as I love running the Glass City events, I love being involved in putting the race together. It’s so interesting to see all of the work and coordination that is involved in putting a quality event like this together.

Oh, and this year we got nice jackets that are water resistant. I’m NOT saying there will be rain this year. In fact, let’s all cross our fingers that there won’t be, but I’ll be prepared for putting up or taking down the signs in the rain if it does again!

Q: Will you be running any of the Glass City events this year?

You could be running three events! 5K (on Saturday), full or half marathon, and relay. Getting all the swag!!

Q: Did you do anything special for Valentine’s day?

The family had a special dinner together. Cake and chocolates were the highlights of the day! Alan and I also went to lunch together, so that was our date!

2 thoughts on “1st 2019 Glass City Marathon committee meeting”
  1. Ooh fascinating – as an athletics and endurance official, I LOVE hearing about what goes on behind the scenes. I will have to pop and read your course marking post from last year. Great medals, too!

    1. It was such an interesting process last year learning about what goes into the race. I’m excited to be back at it! Most interesting is the headache the race director has to deal with regarding road closures (for repairs). There have been some big closures that require some redirecting of the course. I love that the races all end in the Glass Bowl, which is the stadium at the University of Toledo. Nothing quite like running (or dragging yourself!) into that stadium to cross the finish line!!

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