No really, this news is all about the breaking ice!

Did you happen to see my post about the Maumee River freezing over recently?  Back then it was a jagged formation of ice, which we were able to walk across.  It formed during several days of sub zero temperatures, so it was really SOLID. No fears walking on it!

We walked across it to an island.  Cool stuff!

Then came the thaw.  Pretty soon all of those ice pieces were getting shoved up on to the shores of the river!

They were pushed so far, they blocked some of the streets surrounding the river.

Yep, that’s the street!  See the stripe in the middle?

It also washed up a bunch of sediment which is a slippery, muddy mess. It kind of looks like a war zone down there!

This doesn’t happen every year, so you need to make it down there to see it when it does happen.  And climb all over the ice.

Also, don’t miss out on walking through the crunchy ice in the field!  #satisfying

What’s not satisfying?  Finding a fish that has been swept up and brought to land.  P.U.

Luckily we didn’t find any on this journey.  Just a lot of spectacular ice blocks. Hopefully it will melt soon because this is where a lot of runners go for a run!

Q: Do you have any rivers near you that are iced over or full of ice chunks?

Q: Have you ever been ice fishing?

I haven’t! But then again, I’m not an avid fisherman in any season 🙂

3 thoughts on “Breaking news!”
    1. I saw a picture of the canal on your blog – it looks a lot like a canal we have near my house. It’s an old towpath that mules used to tow a boat down. Your canal path looks like a nice place to run!

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