• Training for: Glass City Marathon, April 28th Toledo OH
  • Miles run: 37

Monday – 6 miles “easy”.  Plain old treadmill run today!  I’m so proud of myself… with all of these marathon training miles I have been able to keep up with Celebrity Big Brother so far.  That is quite an accomplishment because it usually takes months to get through them on my DVR. High five to me!

Tuesday – 6 miles with intervals!  This workout actually went well. 10 mins warm up, 5 x 1000m with 1 min rest between plus a cool down run.  I actually hit my paces mostly due to the fact I took the minute rest as a “wandering” rest, instead of continuing to run at a slow pace.  That helped me recover so I could get my next interval done!

Wednesday – 5 easy miles.  Work day for me, so early run on the treadmill.  Annnnd, the polar vortex has arrived. Good God, I hope no one was out running around my town this morning.  

My car was not happy about starting up at work after sitting around in this cold all day!

Thursday – 7 miles, with marathon pace for miles 2-7.  This went pretty decent. Nothing spectacular, but it got done.

Then I went to the gym.  Decided Thursday would be a good “leg day”, after a hard run.  I did ALL the machines. I even did the assisted squat rack… with weights on it. (!!)  It was a good, tough workout.

Friday – REST day.  Sooooo sore from my gym visit yesterday.  Ugh. Maybe I need to go a little less intense next time. 😉  I ventured out into the snow today also to try out my new trail shoes.  I like them! However, later in the day I had a pain across the top of my foot.  Was it the new shoes? I only ran 1 mile in them! Also, January was done. I got 140 miles in January?? I’m shocked I got that much!

Another incentive to get outside in the cold temps? A new beanie from Athleta. It’s got reflective thread in it!

Saturday – Unscheduled Rest Day.  I bailed on my long run today!! There was a free event going on right by my house too.  I had several reasons to bail. Physical: my foot still felt a little odd. Emotional: I just wasn’t feeling it!  It was dark, cold, and I was having a bit of anxiety about meeting other people and running together 🙁

Sunday – 12 miles, long run.  Alan joined me on this run. It went OK.  We ran a bit too fast. My plan is closer to 9:40-10:00, but we had an average of 9:15 per mile.  It was also 40 degrees outside. Phew!! A heatwave!

By mile 8 I was feeling spent, and pretty much dragged myself through mile 12. Dang it! Again, hoping next week’s long run goes better.  These long runs certainly won’t be getting any shorter, so I hope they get “easier”. Yeah right, that will happen. haha! Gotta admit, a trip to the donut shop was a big incentive to get this run DONE!

And with that, week 5 is a wrap! 13 more weeks to go until Glass City marathon.

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Q: Do you have a favorite trail shoe?

Q: Did you have to head indoors for your workouts this past week due to low temps??

31 thoughts on “GCM training – week 5 recap, Polar Vortex version”
  1. You made it through the polar vortex! Great job on your workouts this week!

    Those donuts you picked up after your long run look delicious! It’s always nice to end a long run with a treat.

  2. Excellent miles for January! I hope that pain on the top of your foot is just an anomaly. I’m sure the donuts made everything feel better.

    Let’s hope that the polar vortex does not return!

  3. I bet doing your long run fast made it that much harder. Your training sounds really solid. Having a show to watch while on the treadmill really motivates me to hit the treadmill in the first place.
    Coco recently posted…Ready To HibernateMy Profile

    1. I never used to run my long runs that slow (1 min slower than goal pace), but I think the years are catching up with me and I need to follow the plan and slow it down! Train smarter, right?
      I have so many shows to watch on my treadmill, I’ll be busy all winter for sure!

  4. Oh, those donuts! Yes please!

    I’ve only worn trail shoes once: I borrowed them for a Ragnar Trail Relay. Solomon was on site and lending shoes to the runners who wanted to try them out. Where I live and run, even the trails aren’t usually too technical, so regular running shoes do the job just fine. I am sorry about the pain, though. That’s nerve-wracking to have something crop up and have to figure out where it came from.

    It was cold for us, but not enough to put me indoors. I do understand not wanting to go out in the cold and dark. Especially when meeting new people is on the line.

    1. I was full of excuses to bail on my run for sure. But after I crawled back in bed and snuggled with my husband, I wasn’t too sad. haha! We had a 70 degree change in temperature in 3 days (from -10 to 60!!). Crazy stuff.

  5. Great work there. I like the set up for your treadmill with the telly screen right there, great idea. I really don’t like running on a treadmill so if I can’t run outside I will go to the gym and go on the cross-trainer or recumbent bike and do as much time as the running would take me. With my book (for the win). 16 weeks to my marathon (Rock’n’Roll Liverpool) and 23 to my ultra. Gulp.
    Liz Dexter recently posted…Sedate lady running 28 January – 03 February 2019 #amrunning #running #REDJanuary #FebruaryFiveMy Profile

  6. Wow. That’s a lot of miles. Good for you. It’s tough this time of year!!

    Yummy on those donuts.

    I don’t have trail shoes. I don’t do trail races – too clumsy.

    1. Oh, I know what you mean about being clumsy. I don’t run the trails very much, but I think these will be good for snow and ice. Much more grip than my Newton trail shoes. I am hoping to get a few trail races in this year, so hopefully these shoes will work for winter and summer!

  7. That was such a good week of training! I get pretty anxious to run in the darkness, which has been the reason why I skip runs or do them not as early as I wish I would.

    As you might know, we didn’t get hit by the Polar Vortex here in South Florida so all of my runs were outside. I got to admit it was pretty cold for what I am used to. However, I think you did a great job keeping up with your training during the PV.

    Have a great week Lisa!!

    1. It was funny – as soon as it got close to 50 degrees around here (the temperature went up 70 degrees within 3 days!!), everyone was walking around in light jackets and t-shirts. It was a heatwave!
      I tend to get antisocial sometimes about my running. Nervous that I can’t keep up with other people. Usually I’m quite wrong about my fears, but it’s a hard habit to shake!

  8. It was definitely too cold for me to be running outside. I had 6 days of treadmill and indoor track running. 3 because of icy roads and three because of the Polar Vortex. The worst 2 days were -21 and -24. Finally got back outside Saturday for 17 and Sunday for 6. 10 weeks to Boston. Going to AZ this weekend to run a half and escape the cold.

      1. I have tweaked my plan about 100 times over the last 6 weeks but overall it is going well. (Knock on wood) no injuries so far. 47 miles last week was my highest this year. I will top out at 56 which is low for the young fast crowd but about all an old guy like me can handle.

  9. There is nothing like a good treat after a Long Run! Half the time (actually most of the time) it’s the only thing that gets me through them, LOL! Glad you were able to do it outdoors. 12 miles on the treadmill would not have been fun.

    I’m going to try resting properly the next time I do interval training – I also tend to jog on the “rest” bits and then struggle in the next interval.

    What a solid week of training even with that polar vertex!

    1. Yes – make those rest periods work for you! I thought we needed to keep running, but when I went to the track with my training group, the head coach told me they are just “shuffling around”, which is a quick trip to the water bottles or resting. It really made the difference for me.

  10. How is your foot feeling now? I love your coffee cup, that made me laugh out loud! My care sounds sooooooo bad in the freezing cold. I think there may be something wrong with it? I don’t know. I need someone who knows about cars to take a listen…

    1. I had no other pain or issue. I did walk a mile in those trail shoes again, and that didn’t bother me, so I’ll try them again another day. That cup is my treasure from Aldi. BEST cup ever!! I never realized how awesome steel insulated cups were, but now I’m a believer.
      My car has been making some weird clunky vibrations with the cold weather. I’ll have to wait and see if it is coldness related, or if something is going on with it! Mysterious.

  11. The Polar Vortex was evil LOL I know you love your treadmill, but I really am not a fan. That said, I did suck it up and knock out six consecutive indoor runs. They actually weren’t as awful as I anticipated, and besides…I really had no other choice. When we hit the mid-40’s last Saturday, though, oh did it feel like heaven outdoors!!! YOU had a great week, and 140 miles for January???? WOW!

    1. The advantage you have with always running outside is you know how to dress. I never quite know what to wear because I only get out a few times a week!! I’m always prepared to shed a layer.

    1. I do have a ton of shoes! I used to have 95% Newtons, but I’ve been moving over to Sauconys lately. You should see my husband’s collection of running shoes. With my kids in XC too, we are overflowing with shoes here!!

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