Another week in the books… and this has been a looooong one! Because I moved my long run to Sunday last week, I did not get a day of rest for 7 days. I would have taken a rest day if needed, and I’m happy to report I didn’t need one! I broke 40 miles this week too. woot!

Monday – 5 easy miles, treadmill.  This run started out pretty stiff feeling, but by the end I had loosened up and was glad I did this.  It was a good recovery run!

Tuesday – 6 miles, intervals. We mixed it up with 1000 x 2, 800 x 2 and 600 x 2 this week. 1 min of rest again, so with proper rest, I got it done! This was on the treadmill and I’m keep up with Celebrity Big Brother viewing too. Winning!

Wednesday – 5 more easy miles on the treadmill. Nothing to see here ๐Ÿ™‚

Thursday – 7 miles, speedwork. Today was a pretty great day. It started with a challenging tempo run which alternated race pace (8:50) and threshold pace (8:30). I did it! Then I hit that 7 mile mark and practically passed out. PHEW!!! Run done. It was slightly drizzly out, and I used the power of my Boston jacket to get me through this one.

Next, it was a trip to the gym for “leg day”. I’m trying to be more consistent with my strength training for this training cycle.

Then I joined a friend who was celebrating his birthday… by running his year in miles! He’s 45. That’s a lot of miles!! I did not run with him, but joined him for lunch. Shared a burger with my husband. Looks delish, no?

Despite the chilly temps and constant rain, Chris finished his miles. Friends joined him along the way. As a side note, he is an ultra runner, so maybe this is “just another day” for him? I’m sticking with my 5.1 mile plan for 51 years in April! That’s Chris on the left (and JP on the right, who ran 32 miles with him!! wow!). I think he was about half way done when we met up with him for lunch. Happy Birthday Chris, you are a beast!

Friday – 4 easy miles on the treadmill. What, my day off work and I’m on the treadmill again?? Did I mention the winds were around 25 mph outside! If there’s 5 things I don’t like about running outside it’s: wind, rain, sub zero temps, humidity, and ice. haha!! (oh wait, make that 6. I don’t like the dark either. I’m so spoiled!). 6 consecutive days of running and I’m still hanging in there!

I did make it out to the gym on Friday (twice this week!). Kind of a date with Alan ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday – 14 mile long run. After last week’s exhausting long run with Alan, I decided to reset and find a new running partner for this week. I joined the Dave’s MIT group. There were a LOT of people there!

I stayed with the group that I will be sub coaching for next week. This not only kept me on pace, but I also got to meet the people in the group and get to know them better. I met a lot of people that swear by this running group to get them through their miles, and now I know why. This run felt really good and it went by pretty quick with our conversations! 14 miles completed at an overall 9:56 pace. My glutes/hamstrings were ready to be done after 11 miles, but hey, that’s progress.

Here’s a great tip for the cold weather running – wear a Buff around your cheeks. The extra layer keeps your head warm too, and it moves around easily based on the how you’re feeling! Buffs are so versatile!

Here’s a shocker… I grabbed a donut on my way home. The perfect post run treat ๐Ÿ™‚ I know it looks like a hamburger, but it was really a Bavarian cream!

Sunday – Rest day! Finally!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I dd my full PT exercises and also did a 30 min Restorative Yoga class on YouTube. Note to self, I need to find a 15 min video because I have the attention span of a goldfish. I got so bored!!

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Q: Do you think you could run your age in miles? Would you rather run smaller miles (5.1), or maybe kilometers??

I’m sticking with those smaller miles!

Q: Do you ever wear a Buff?

I also wore that same one at Mohican (sweaty hot trail trail race) with ice tucked in it around my neck.

Q: Do you prefer Bavarian cream, or regular cream filled donuts?

Why choose? Eat both!! yummmmmm

34 thoughts on “GCM training week 6 recap & how far would you go?”
  1. I can’t believe you stopped for a donut and didn’t bring any home for the rest of the family. For shame!!!!

  2. I could never run my age in miles, LOL! I always break it down, like you.

    Nice week of training. I can only imagine all the good juju in that Boston jacket!

    1. My husband never runs in his Boston jacket but I figure, why not? They are made by Adidas! And with that orange stripe, maybe I won’t get hit by a car ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I could probably run my age in miles, but I doubt I could do it all in one day LOL I did make it to 37 miles once (in a 12-hour ultra), but that involved a few miles of intermittent walking. I’m a few years beyond 37, though….Anyways, all of those treadmill runs are inspiring. I’ve been on the treadmill the most this winter than I ever have, and that’s all within the past three weeks. There’s just been too much ice and sub-ZERO temps AND crazy wind.

    1. Kudos on 37 miles! That’s a lot. If I was hitting 51 miles for my birthday, that would be a top week for marathon training for me. And teetering on the edge of injury maybe! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Great job this week! You really got some great training miles in.

    That post-run burger looked delicious!

    Congratulations to your friend Chris – what an amazing accomplishment!
    When is your birthday in April? I’m also an April baby (April 1)!

    1. I’m April 20th! Yep, a 4 20 birthday. Which I didn’t even know about “420” being a thing, until a few years ago. But also, 4/20 is going to be the date of the Boston Marathon in 2020, so that’s why I’m targeting a BQ this year so I can go! More like “dreaming of” a BQ, but hopefully I’ll get back there.

    1. My strength day on Friday (before Saturday long run) was just upper body and some light cardio, and an excuse to hang out with my husband at the gym! I do the leg workouts on the same day as my speedwork (Tues & Thurs). Because I’m new to doing leg work, those first few weeks made me pretty sore!

    1. Thanks! That burger was perfect for splitting with my husband because it came with 2 sides! Way more food than one person needs. It’s nice to not feel stuffed.

  5. 45 miles. WOW
    I’ve done Run the Date a few times, and i’ve done the same as you’re planning with 3.9 for my recent birthday. No desire to run 40
    Not a donut person – but hey means more for you

  6. Great week! 12 miles was enough for me on my 47th birthday …

    I’m not sure if my comments are getting through at all, so hope you see this one. I emailed the address on the About Me page and it bounced back. I do like reading but also commenting on your posts so hope these get through in some way!

    1. Thank you for letting me know Liz! I recently switched hosting, so thatโ€™s the issue. It used to work. Doh!! And thanks for commenting on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. No way could I run my age in miles OR kilometers! 65! Maybe 6.5. I have several buffs that I rotate. Great that you can just pull it up or down as needed except in really cold temps it will freeze stiff. My favorite is one with the Colorado symbol. I canโ€™t even remember the last time I ate a donut. Flying back to Chicago from Phoenix this morning. Hate to leave this great running weather!

    1. If (and that’s a big IF) I was out running in really cold temps, I think I would wear my fleece balaclava which I wear for skiing. Safe travels! Phoenix sounds like a nice place to be right now!

  8. I’m glad we do everything in kilometres here which would make running my birthday age a lot easier! LOL! But even then I think I would have to break it down and run those km bit by bit in the week leading up to my birthday and leave the final chunk for the actual day! Well done to Chris – 45 miles is 74 km!!! My goodness! What a beast indeed!

    1. I was thinking 51 miles total would be a good birthday week goal for me… but I now see it’s the taper week for my marathon. 51 miles will not be happening that week for sure!! My planned 35 mile week won’t work out as kilometers either. I guess I’ll have to stick with 5.1 miles instead.

  9. I think I am too old to run my age in miles at this point- 36! Maybe for my next bday I could try to do 37 miles on the trail in 3 days. That could be fun! The burger looks soooooo good. I love a good burger and fries. I think I like the bavarian cream with the chocolate frosting the best. However, there is always a little too much cream for me! I need more donut for the extra cream! I don’t eat donuts a lot. I always forget about them. I’ve been eating full Hershey bars for dinner though! Love chocolate. So what are your thoughts on CBB? I am caught up so you can say whatever and not spoil me! Those Boston jackets are great for rain running, right? I wore mine in the freezing rain this afternoon and it kept me dry!

    1. Yes, the Boston jackets are nice!! Iโ€™m so proud to be caught up on CBB! Too bad I wanted Jonathan or Kato to win. Doh! I really like the one hour format too. Iโ€™m putting my money on Lolo now!

  10. Lisa, thanks for the shout out. Not just another day but not completely overwhelming either, just glad the weather wasnโ€™t bad. A little rain for 10 to 15 miles wasnโ€™t bad.

    1. You now have a whole new group of strangers impressed with you ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe next year Iโ€™ll run a few miles with you. Hopefully it will be the day it hits 50 degrees and is sunny!

  11. I runfess I’ve never run in my Boston jacket. I’ve worn it to plenty of races but it sees no action. Haha! I was in Toledo this past weekend! Yes to all the donuts.

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