High five for it being Friday! For a lot of people in my area that means it’s Spring Break and school is out now. Woohoo to that!

Here’s some other things that I’m celebrating today…

The book! Yes, the book. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, I just received my advance copy of Matt Fitzgerald’s new book – Life is a Marathon. I was interviewed for the book – and now there is proof in print! (Here is the link if you haven’t read about that yet) I haven’t read it yet, but I will super soon and give you my thoughts of the book.

Long run, done!! I conquered another 20 miler today. It didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped, but it also didn’t go as bad as I dreaded it might! This beautiful sight at the start of my run was certainly encouraging.

I thought I was going to alone for my run, but Alan ended up running the same path, so we ran together for about 10 miles. I had an emergency pit stop in the middle of the run (hooray for a bathroom near by!), and didn’t quite hit my desired paces mid run, but overall it was decent. I’m calling it a win!

Lunch with Alan. We celebrated each of us running 20 miles today. Had big beers and a burger. The perfect combo post run!

Test shoes! I’ve been testing out some new shoes for a major shoe manufacturer. I can’t show you what they look like, but the testing has gone quite well so far! I don’t like the color of them, but I do think they feel really good. It’s a style I would have never tried on at the shoe store, so it’s exciting that I’ve liked them as much as I have. I used my best Photoshop skills to give them anonymity. Good job, right? haha

I hope today is giving you reasons to celebrate too. And honestly, it’s the little things, right? Spring is around the corner. It’s the weekend!! Have a great one!

Q: Do you have any plans this weekend? Anyone racing??

Q: Is a shoe’s color a large part of your purchasing decision?

I can’t lie, it is for me!! I mean, the shoe has to work for me, but I am picky about color choices.

Q: Do you have any favorite Matt Fitzgerald books?

“How bad do you want it?”, “Racing Weight” and “The 80/20 plan” are pretty popular. He has written a TON of books and articles

5 thoughts on “Fun things Friday!”
  1. I once bought a pair of shoes that turned out to be pink (thought it was just a bad picture of red ones). Apparently I missed the part of the Ebay auction where it said “womens vs. mens”. I just assumed that any size 11.5 shoes were mens that showed up in my saved search. And apparently “women” does have “men” in it which was why it got picked up in the automatic search results. If they fit I would have still worn them, but sadly too small.

  2. 3 weeks out from Boston and this is the last long run for a lot of runners headed to Hopkinton on April 15. I have 20 on the schedule for tomorrow morning and I’m sure the Arboretum will be packed with runners. Three different Boston groups use the Arboretum’s hilly roads for their long runs. I know guys aren’t supposed to really care about shoe color but I have to admit I will even special order a shoe if the running shoe store doesn’t have it in the color I want. Right now, I am running in Clifton 5s which are blue and yellow. I have Racing Weight and 80/20 on the book shelf but not sure about any others.

    1. I’m surprised I like the fit of the test shoes so much. They really don’t look like anything I would normally buy. The last time I tested out a pair they really didn’t work for me and I had to stop wearing them.

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