In addition to all of the running and resting I did a few weekends ago (how about that nap after my long run on Saturday?? Dreamy!!), I also got outside to visit my metroparks.  There were two “new to me” things happening.

1: Treehouses!!

Have you ever seen the TV show Treehouse Masters?  On the show they make elaborate houses that are treehouses.  Not the kind of treehouses we have as kids – one big room with a window..  These treehouses are decked out! Well, our metroparks have worked with the Treehouse Masters designers and are in the process of building a village of them at our park.  Check this out!

That was the first house that is under construction.  It might be the largest of them? Not sure, but I can tell you it was pretty amazing!  

These treehouses will be available for overnight rentals.  Can you imagine what fun that will be to stay in a treehouse in the park?  

I am looking forward to getting my chance stay there.

2:  Snowy hike on the towpath trail

We met up with some friends and hiked over to a shelter that is on the towpath.  The towpath is my favorite place to run in the summer. It’s shaded (great on those hot days!) and protected from the wind (great on those rainy/windy days!).  

We made a fire, and enjoyed lunch with our friends.  You’d think that was the best part… but wait, there’s more!

Another couple was at the shelter when we arrived and they had binoculars and a scope.  They were bird watching. What was drawing their attention? The bald eagle nest across the river!!

Here’s a far away shot of the nest.  The large “blog” is the nest. There was a bald eagle in it!  We think she was feeding some babies because she kept leaning down.

To the left is smaller blob, which was the other eagle.  Through the binoculars we could see all of the details of the birds, not just “blobs”.  🙂

Directly across the river from us was another eagle, which was an “adolescent”.  That meant he didn’t have his white head yet. He was all brown.

Then I got to see the birds flying together.  So cool!!! When I run on this path I always see people hiking with binoculars, and now I finally know what they are looking for.

Q: Do you ever go bird watching?

We did get some instruction from the metroparks last year. There is a really good app which helps to identify the birds and their songs, but we haven’t really used it yet.

Q: Have you ever seen a bald eagle in the wild?

Q: Would you want to stay in one of those treehouses?

Yesssssss please!!

2 thoughts on “Metroparks weekend – treehouses and eagles”
  1. The treehouses look cool — I’m not so sure about staying in them. Bathrooms? And my husband doesn’t do all that well with heights.

    I have seen Bald Eagles in the wild. Several times. In NY, in MA, in TX. Not so much in Alaska, although we did see one from a rehabilitation center up close & personal.
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…When is it time for a break?My Profile

    1. The treehouse we walked through will have a bathroom, and some sort of kitchen too! Not primitive at all.
      We have 2 bald eagles at our zoo and I’m always amazed at how big they are. Hope I see our wild ones more frequently now I know where they live!

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